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#2 in the Best Practices in Best Practices in Energy Medicine Series

The Meaning of Illness is Now an Open Book,
Reference books cross-referencing illnesses and issues.

Virtually unknown to the public, EIGHT excellent, peer-reviewd books exist correlating illnesses and mental-emotional issues as of 2015.

It's now possible to simply look up the meaning of physical illnesses, the causative issues behind health concerns. Some combination of these mental-emotional issues is what oppresses your organs, tissues and cells.

For persons with their own Healing Toolbox, they...
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Bruce Dickson has lived in seven intentional communities and visited several more. Also 25 US Waldorf school communities. He is an author and Health Intuitive. He's self-published several series of books-booklets: - Best Practices in Energy Medicine, - Holistic Brain Balance, - Best Practice in Group Process, - Growing Sustainable Children and Schools Worthy of Our Affection, - Stories of Restoration for Planet Earth 2020-2070. Coming: Common Sense Health 2020 and Beyond. https://medium.com/search?q=%22bruce%20dickson%22 https://holisticbrainbalance.wordpress.com/ http://blog.GoetheanScience.net
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The Meaning of Illness Is Now an Open Book; Books that cross-reference illness with mental-emotional issues