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Don Miguel Ruiz is the international bestselling author of The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, and co-author of The Fifth Agreement. He has dedicated his life to sharing the wisdom of the ancient Toltec through his books, lectures, and journeys to sacred sites around the world. He lives in San Diego, California. Barbara Emrys is a spiritual teacher and the author of The Red Clay of Burundi: Finding God, the Music, and Me.
Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Numerologist and Happiness Coach who helps people align with their soul's purpose and reclaim their intuitive gifts . She utilizes the unique spiritual blueprint encoded in your name and birth date to to heal your past, tune into your present, and decipher your destiny. Kari reads your personal numerology profile as a portal into your soul's plan, illuminating your destiny as well as your past life memories, childhood programming, and the specific beliefs and experiences that are blocking you from abundance. Using a variety of healing modalities, she helps liberate you from self-sabotaging fears, beliefs and energy so you can fulfill your soul's purpose with joy and prosperity. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with love, while guiding you on your path toward happiness and success. It is her passion to help people reclaim their natural intuition so they can truly shine their light and live their soul's purpose. She has devoted herself to creating simple powerful tools that will help others connect with their spiritual gifts, angels, and spirit guides. She has become a go-to resource for people around the world seeking to apply astrology and numerology to their daily life, and discover practical tools for magical living. It is her joy to use her gifts to help you discover yours!
Tony Samara, world-renowned spiritual teacher & author of 16 books, has been sharing deep spiritual work & energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for over 25 years. Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.
John Perkins's classic exposé, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, spent over 70 weeks on the New York Times bestseller lists and is published in more than 30 languages. His two follow-up books – New York Times bestseller, The Secret History of the American Empire, and Hoodwinked – provide a plan for creating a better world. He is the author of Shapeshifting, The World Is As You Dream It, and other books on indigenous cultures; founder and board member of Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, nonprofit organizations devoted to establishing a sustainable, just, and peaceful world; and has lectured at universities on four continents.
Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed artist, color intuitive, and author. Her work has been featured in popular magazines including Woman's World, Redbook, and Health. She is a magazine columnist, regular contributor to Australian radio, award-winning author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart's Desires, and co-author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers. Through her videos, articles, and teaching she guides an international community of thousands of global lightworkers to easily access their intuitive gifts, discover new ways to heal wounds that stand in the way of success, and realize their soul's purpose. Elizabeth's super power is her intuitive relationship with color. Through her vision of your unique color thumbprint she reveals your innate gifts and talents, your most powerful past lives, and the life path that will bring you the most joy. Raised in a yogi and spiritually conscious environment Elizabeth teaches from the heart, leading you on a Divine Adventure that is fun, purposeful and illuminating. As your guide she will take you on a journey back to your true self, reminding you of the radiant light that lives at the core of your being and the abundantly blessed life that awaits you. "Elizabeth Harper is a gifted teacher and intuitive. Her workshops at Omega have helped students from around the world find their own inner compass. Not only does she know her subject matter inside and out, but she is also a truly giving and genuine person. She walks her talk and that is a gift indeed!" - Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
Leanne has been following her passion for health, wellness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and spirituality since taking her first yoga class in 2001. Leanne is the owner of True Yoga and since 2002 has taught True Yoga Classes and workshops to thousands of people helping them to realize greater health, peace, happiness and well-being. Her journeys have taken her to study with some of the most gifted Yoga Masters worldwide including her teacher Shiva Rea, and many others along the way. In 2005 Leanne developed the True Yoga Blog: where she shares information and inspiration related to living a healthy, peaceful and inspired life. Leanne has also explored the world of nutrition, studying about many nutritional lifestyles, including cleansing, superfoods, vegetarianism, veganism, and the raw foods diet. Her experiences have led her to her practice and passion for healthy food and nutrition. In 2011, she wrote the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book filled with information about health, wellness, nutrition and lots of great recipes, as well as, inspiration to uplift and strengthen you. With True Yoga and the Fresh Fruit Cleanse, you will be inspired to grow healthy and well and awaken to your true potential with every breath you breathe. Leanne continues to be inspired to learn and study about the vast knowledge of nutritional wellbeing and its incredible power to promote healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and looks forward to continuing to share her love for health and wellness with you here and on the True Yoga and Fresh Fruit Cleanse blogs: To learn more about True Yoga classes, workshops and the True Yoga DVD available for purchase online, please visit To purchase the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book, visit
As a three time cancer survivor, psychotherapist, author, workshop/retreat leader, yoga instructor & Reiki Master, Pasha brings her unique personal and professional experience in supporting and guiding people through life challenges. In 2003, after moving from Ireland to New Mexico, Pasha founded Creative RecoveryTM, a series of workshops that activates the creative process, empowering participants to live passionately, transforming their greatest challenges into their greatest triumphs. The program is designed for people who have reached a point of crisis and are seeking support. It is for everyone who wants to live life in search of what really matters to them. Pasha works with treatment facilities specializing in trauma, addiction, grief and loss and also brings her expertise to helping people move beyond a cancer diagnosis. She has produced a yoga DVD and two meditations CDs as part of the “Intimate With Change Yoga & Meditation Series”, and her forthcoming book, ”Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery” is due out in 2012. Through her workshops, speaking engagements and private practice, Pasha’s mission is to empower individuals to live passionately and transform life challenges into profound learning and healing experiences. For more information please visit
Currently living in Santa Fe, NM, I work with clients both here and through distance sessions. Energy medicine, Intuitive Guidance, Massage & Bodywork, and Psychosynthesis are some of the modalities I call upon to assist others to connect with their true self, know their inner center and move/be from that space. Art is a big part of my life and work. It is a way I explore and document my inner world, contemplations, ideas and clairvoyant experiences, and I also offer intuitive commissions. "When we devote some calm time to the heart and come off the treadmill of stress and distraction, we can enter into the beauty within." To do so "...heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation, to experience new horizons. To experience beauty is to have your life enlarged." ~ John O'Donohue Art Rituals® and other gatherings here provide the opportunity for some self care, nurturing, support, deepening of your connection to yourSelf, your inner wisdom, your path, your possibilities and authentic uniqueness. You may attend a live session, or register and watch the recording at your leisure.
Nicole Doherty is a Certified Professional Yoga Instructor, Blogger and Marketing & Events Consultant for Wellness Businesses. Nicole Doherty’s interest in yoga came when she was in search of a more peaceful existence after overcoming many physical challenges her body endured under the stresses of the corporate world. Nicole has a true passion for Yoga, conscious living and people. With certifications from top Yoga training programs and education in many different styles and forms of Yoga, Nicole designs dynamic, effective and safe sequences that help Clients meet their goals. Nicole specializes in creating a supportive ambiance were personal needs are met towards the growth of your own practice. She describes her Vinyasa Flow style with many words such as effective, well rounded, alignment-driven, fun, musical and challenging. Nicole’s personal statement is “Through my wisdom and courage, I have an abundant and spiritual life that is dedicated to freedom, passion and expression. I offer my full love, gratitude, and radiant energy to connect, empower and inspire others to reach their highest potential!” Nicole began her yoga practice in 2001 with Buddy Macuha (Power Vinyasa Flow) and Sherman Morris (Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow) at The Sports Club/LA. She also explored Iyengar, Forest Method and Bhakti Flow, finding further inspiration through Rusty Wells and Christopher Love’s classes at Yoga Tree SF. Enlivened by the bliss she was experiencing, her curiosity in the science of yoga grew bringing her to Nepal in 2003, where she taught Yoga to her small village in Patihani and attended a 10 day yoga and mediation program at the Ananda Yoga Retreat Center outside of Kathmandu. In 2006, Nicole decided it was time to fully honor her Yoga practice and began deep practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow at It’s Yoga where she received her certification in 2008. She studied with Larry Schultz, Katie Cariffe, Marie Hajar Schultz, Reed Taylor, Donovan Hicks, Rene Henley and Todd Taylor. In 2010, she received a second comprehensive 200-hr certification at YogaWorks Center for Yoga, Los Angeles with Joan Hyman and Jeanne Heileman. Nicole is currently enrolled in the 300-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Program at YogaWorks under the mentorship of Joan Hyman to complete her 500-ERYT Certification for Yoga Alliance. Nicole also has additional teacher training workshop hours with Maty Ezraty and Yoga Ed’s Traning for At Risk Youth with Hala Khouri. Nicole has enjoyed continuing education of various yoga modalities attending classes and teacher’s workshops with other world-class teachers such as Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, David Swenson, Duncan Wong, John Friend, Rod Stryker, Les Leventhal, Sianna Sherman, AcroYogis Jason Nemar and Jenny Sauer-Klein, Kathryn Budig and more.
Kim Chernin is an internationally known author, lecturer, consultant and spiritual counselor. She has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, biography, and memoir, and has appeared on Donahue, Good Morning America, Sixty Minutes, The Today Show and other national television and radio shows. During the mid-80’s Chernin published three books about women and food, one of which became a best-seller. She has thirty years of experience consulting with individuals and groups as well as teaching classes on topics of food, body size, troubled patterns of eating and the struggle to lose weight. Chernin has published 14 books in the last twenty years, many of them considered classics in their fields. In My Mother's House is widely taught in Universities throughout America and is regarded as a precursor of the new-wave of Jewish women's memoir writing. The Flame Bearers, selected as a notable book by The New York Times, is the (fictional) story of a hidden Jewish, women’s tradition. Chernin has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Finnish, Hebrew, German and Portuguese. --------------------------------------------------------------- Renate Stendhal, Ph.D., is a German-born, Paris-educated, award-winning writer and counselor. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology in California, where she has consulted with individuals and groups, lectured and given classes for the past 25 years. Among her publications are the award-winning photo-biography "Gertrude Stein: In Words and Pictures" and "True Secrets of Lesbian Desire: How to Keep Sex Alive In Long-Term Relationships." Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous magazines and journals in the States and abroad; her regular cultural commentary appears in the international magazine She has done extensive work with women on topics of personal empowerment and creativity, spiritual hunger and physical well-being. She is a mentor and provost of the University of Integrative Learning. Her websites are and, in addition to her Facebook pages
Gaura Vani is a multi-disciplinary artist - fluent in music, film and visual arts. He is most known for his Mantra Music performances (an emerging genre based on ancient Indian mantras or chants). Gaura Vani's events are unifying and transporting - a mix of participatory rhythm and song, story and dance.
Michael Paul Stephens is a British spiritual philosopher and corporate coach. Author of two powerful books "Provolution" and "Equanimous", he has spent the last ten years of his life creating simple spiritual techniques to bring transformation into the lives of thousands of people. Michael puts his philosophy to work in real-world enterprises specifically designed to transform the relationship between the economy and society in order to evoke powerful spiritual transformation across the world.
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