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I assist people by phone/Skype/in person who wish to learn and clear, underlying mental-emotional issues causing-driving their health and success concerns.

A third generation intuitive, I'm trained in Touch for Health, NLP, Waldorf, NVC, USM and MSIA MSS-DSS. I've seen clients professionally since 2001.

With Camille Leon, I co-founded the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.

Before 2001 I spent ten years working on starting new Waldorf private and charter schools. Before that I lived in intentional communities.

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Free video intro. Ask me for a private session on this topic. LIVE SESSIONS each class section limited to three attendees. We'll address attendee success issues, one person at a time. To our knowledge, Success Kinesiology is the first resource systematically applying muscle testing methods to success issues. Q: Why couldn't we do this earlier? A: We had to wait for several things to converge. We needed a stable model of success. Our Two Games of Success, Inner and Outer Success, from Tim Gallwey, was an early piece. Then all of these had to come together too: - Touch for Health muscle-testing kinesiology. Muscle testing made the invisibility of unresolved disturbances, no longer an impossible, daunting obstacle, - Self-testing and dowsing lists and protocols, - NLP models for accessing the unconscious, - Ecumenical spirituality. The spiritual piece is needed because the more you can access and work with invisible-unconscious energies, the more psychic-spiritual protection you need. A Success Profile is a seven point model for measuring the strength of your 'Success Body,' seven 'nodes' that cover the health of our Inner and Outer Game of Success. Measurements can be done in five minutes or less. This pin-points your weakest link to address. Then you can use any method you like on the Energy Medicine Skill Ladder to strengthen your weak link.
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Free intro. Ask me for a private session on this topic. Everyone has their own most-effective creative visualization of peace and contentment. Do you know what your's is? Do you know how to use it as a Tool That Heals? If not join this class. Compatible with all other methods. To make sense of "peace," each person uses our five animal sences to represent peace somewhat uniquely. Let's learn what your symbol is, how to use it as a Tool That Heals; and, why it works. Teaching this to others is encouraged. Everyone has several self-healing tools they may not know they have. Your symbol of peace is a sensory visualization of peace in your most-preferred sensory channel. Each peson's will be somewhat unique. You find your symbol by going thru a positive visualization in each sensory channel. Which one is strongest for you? We will do this in this class. Presenter Bruce Dickson is an Intuitive Healing Coach seeing clients by phone-Skype and in person since 2001. He's author of 23 books/eBooks on Best Practices in Energy Medicine. A trained Waldorf teacher, Bruce is also USM, Peace Theological Seminary, BreakThrough Parenting and NVC-trained. With Camille Leon, he co-founded the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in West Los Angeles.
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Free video intro. Ask me for a private session on this topic. Can you scan my own bones with useful accuracy? Yes, if you master self-muscle-testing. Cheapest, easiest, most convenient way to measure mineralization for all or for any part of the physical body. How to measure minerals in the body with self-muscle-testing. New, clearer, simpler metabolic understanding of osteoporosis. Alternative-holistic nutritional approaches to re-mineralization summarized Handouts. - Cold Cure page, early days of internet and Google, mega-vitamin therapy - Carpal tunnel as osteo, neck problems as osteo - Magnesium for healers which Theta also picked up on, purple ray of transformation - Forms of Mg: Magnesium chloride water soluble, What makes blood sugar?, Civil War > antibiotic, Mg oil , Mg flakes, buy ten lbs - Only a few water soluble minerals: Mg Chl, Ca gluconate, B5 Ca panto Overall Mineralization, 100 as optimum, - taking up adequate and sufficient materiality. Measuring minerals in the body via self-testing, - What is "chunking down"? - Chunking down to: bones only, spine only, neck only wrist only
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