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Pamela Dussault Runtagh is a spiritual leader and author of Understanding Soul Mate Relationships & How To Be With Your Divine Partner and is also a relationship and healthy living contributor for the Huffington Post. In addition, she is a respected master in the field of energy medicine and is the founder of the REAP Healing Method. Pamela trained for over 12 years in the fields of spirituality and alternative medicine and draws from this extensive learning to develop and teach in these areas. On an individual level, Pamela is an intuitive counselor and mentor providing spiritual and practical guidance ...See All


Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Reiki-Master Teacher
Shamanic Practitioner
Certified Body Activation Practitioner
Certified Continuing Education Provider

Experience and Distinctions

Pamela�s story is one where she turned her worst nightmare into her greatest joy. As a result of her personal experiences of pain, despair, frustration and even abuse, she found she was able to communicate on a deep spiritual level with God and the Divine.
She received a great deal of spiritual information, wisdom and knowledge - particularly about soul mate relationships - which she was then guided to pass on to others through intuitive counseling and writing.

As she explored this connection further she began receiving guidance from her higher self to further ...See All

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In this Spiritual Development Circle course you will learn how to explore and enhance your personal spiritual practice to heal yourself and help heal the world - one step at a time. You'll learn how to build solid foundations for your practice by way of creating and enpowering your sacred space, how to work with your angels, spirit guides and helpers, allies, ancestors and other benevolent helping spirits, how to set proper energetic boundaries and how to practice energy "etiquitte', how to develop and strengthen your psychic gifts, how to communicate with spirit and how to lovingly assist earthbound spirits to cross, and more. You'll receive energetic support as we move along into each area of exploration. We will practice on each other in each new lesson to gain experiential wisdom and understanding. This is considered a beginner-intermediate level of exploration. Class One: Creating and Empowering Your Sacred Space Class Two: Fine Tuning Your Intuition, Psychic Abilities and Chakras Class Three: Meet Your Spiritual Support Team Class Four: Learn to Practice Energetic Hygiene
Archangel Raziel is the rainbow wizard angel who is the keeper of Divine secrets, esoteric information, manifestation, alchemy and the sacred knowledge of our soul. He can aid us in past life healing as well as strengthening our psychic gifts. His assistance with help to align you with your soul's purpose by eliminating limiting patterns in this lifetime and carried over from past lifetimes. In this class you will learn how to connect and work with him to bring spiritual and soul alignment into your life.
Calling all healers and healer wanna-be's! Get this New Year of to a great start! We are living in a historical time of great change. While this is nothing new, it doesn't eliminate the need for global healing, both with the masses and on an individual level. People are hurting and need your help. However despite this information, too many healers and would-be healers are in fear and doubt over their gifts, talents and abilities. Why is that? This workshop will answer that question and show you what can be done about it. You will learn to get into alignment with your unique gifts, how to use them in sacred service and thus attract clients who match your talents perfectly, bringing about joyful abundance and true success.
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