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My name is Jamie Butler. My life has definitely been extra-ordinary. As far as I can remember I have always been able to see the lights surrounding people and inanimate objects (energy fields). Along with seeing energy, I see spirits (clairvoyant) and I hear them (clairaudient). As a child I would play hide and go seek with my spirit friends, but now as an adult they give me great insight and guidance. Throughout the years of working with my guides I have learned how to channel spirit, which is when a spirit relays messages by borrowing my body and voice ...See All


-Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Florida
-Massage and Hydro-Therapy Certification
-Master Hypnotherapist degree from The New York Institute
-Reiki Master status since 1996

Experience and Distinctions

I have been a guest speaker at the University of Florida, Gwinnett College and Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, and a frequent presenter for groups through out the US and Japan with Gary Bonnell Japan. I have also published a book �With Love and Light: an uncommon story about an extraordinary gift.�

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Jamie will discuss all the age groups now feeling the earth release her dense energy. This new release of energy creates the thoughts and feelings we struggle with in our lives and have a difficult time relating to on a daily basis. Whether it be within ourselves or others, it is a challenge to feel this type of energy. Join Jamie in discussing how this has a purpose for our enlightenment while learning how to release and protect yourself from the dense energy that holds you back and shuts you down.
Are you able to see and sense energy but do not understand how to read it? In this class, Jamie will go over the meanings of aura colors as well as the placement and the location of them. When someone senses energy they will be able to better understand what a person or animal is going through mentally, physically and emotionally. Come prepared to this class to explore your personal relationship to color as well as the understanding of the physical body as it relates to every emotion, and an open imagination!
Jamie Butler
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