About Us

Learn It Live is a social learning platform to make it easier for people to find and attend live and recorded online classes. Our specialty is health, wellness, and personal growth; however, we’ve hosted over 10,000 different topics spanning technology, public health, and much more! With over 10 years managing live learning programs, we know how to capture the energy and magic of expanding horizons in real time.

• LiL+ Members get free access to thousands of live and recorded online programs.

• LiL instructors get a supportive community, tools, and added exposure for their live and recorded classes.

• Corporations provide their employees access to select classes through their branded Learn It Live site.

• Wellness, spiritual, and training groups run their membership and learning programs through their white label Learn It Live platform.

Launched in 2010, Learn It Live has hosted instructors and learners from over 120 countries. Founded in the USA, over a decade later, the LiL team is spread across Europe, Asia, and North America.

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