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New York City, USA

I am an Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach. I love teaching and inspiring people to take a stand for their health and life, by making better diet and lifestyle choices to go from surviving to thriving and living a vibrant life!

Ten Years ago I healed my immune system from Systemic Lupus with natural therapies which included good nutrition, body, mind and spirit.


Institute For Integrative Nutrition: Integrative Health Coach & Lifestyle Coach

Columbia University: Holistic Nutrition/ Certified Health Coach
Marymount College: Psychology

Landmark Education: Team Leader

Experience and Distinctions

I healed myself from systemic lupus with natural therapies and nutrition.
Reiki Master
Magnified Healing Master and Teacher

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Are you afraid of catching Covid or seasonal Flu and Colds? In this class you will learn risk prevention tips, and ways to support your Immune system and stay healthy this season. Join me for my Cold and Covid Buster's Class and you will discover ƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ�‚¦. ƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ�‚¢How to protect yourself and your family from colds, covid and seasonal flu. ƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ�‚¢ Which SUPERFOODS to eat every day to help boost your immune system. ƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ�‚¢ How juicing fruits and vegetables can help support your immunity. ƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ�‚¢ What herbals and supplements are the best to help keep you healthy and vibrant all year long. and much more. You will leave this class with knowledge and actionable steps you can take to guard you and your loved ones to help keep Colds, Covid and the Flu at bay.
Lupus Expert Yvette Laboy walks you through the little-known strategies to control joint pain for those who are diagnosed with lupus. For 15 years, I suffered with systemic lupus (SLE) and the joint pain associated with it. Fast forward to today, I no longer experience lupus joint pain and have been pain free for nearly a decade. On this free webinar, I will share my secrets on how I went from near death to recovery, and how you can control your joint pain with these top 5 simple home remedies. - What foods are actually causing inflammation in your body and triggering joint pain - One of the greatest contributing factors to joint pain that most people with lupus are not aware of and are consuming every day. - A simple, safe home therapy you can do right away to help reduce joint pain. - How lupus effects your gut, and what you can do to help yourself feel better
Yvette Laboy
Health & Wellness > Healthy Lifestyle
Recorded: Feb 23, 2016 at 08:00 pm EST
Heart disease is the leading killer in both men and women in the United States. When most people think of heart disease they think of heart attacks. However, there are so many more heart conditions which affect the heart. Workshop participants will learn about these conditions and more! The following topics will be covered: * Women and heart disease * How to eat your way to a healthy heart * Stress and heart disease * What cholesterol does to your body * Lowering your risk for triglycerides * Exercise and heart health Come join me to and learn healthy tools to get you on your way to a healthy heart and a healthy life!