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(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Illinois - Wisconsin, USA

Sifu / Instructor Wallace has been training in Reality Based Martial Arts for over 18 years and continues to train and learn to adapt and evolve with new styles, and new scenarios and situations. The Self-Defense training taught is reality based to help students learn an array of techniques and skills to defend themselves on the street. From open Hand Combatives to Weapons use and defense we continue to provide a well rounded Self-Defense Program.


- Certified Commando Krav Maga Level 6 Instructor - First Female
Level 6 Instructor in the world
- Certified Woman's Commando Krav Maga (SMARTSAFE) Level
2 Instructor
- 3rd Level Black Sash - Kung Fu
- ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers
Association) Member and Instructor (2014)
- Qigong training

Experience and Distinctions

*Hand to Hand tactics Instructor
*Trained in Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Commando Krav Maga, Chi Kung, and others
*Knife Tactics and Defense
*Gun Tactics and Defense
*Stick Tactics and Defense
*Scenarios and Multiple Attacks Defense
*Control and Cuffing Tactics
*Women's Self-Defense
*Spacial Awareness
*ILEETA Conference Instructor/presenter 2014

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Do you know what to do when someone is choking you? Learn how to escape when you feel most vulnerable, when you cannot breath and panic sets in! This choking defensive technique works 100% of the time when done correctly. Learn it and test it in a safe environment, so you can have a fighting chance, especially women.
Learn how to fall properly and safely. Weather you're being attacked, pushed, or are just clumsy - We all fall sometimes, and falling improperly can get you hurt! This technique will teach you how to protect yourself from injuries while falling such as broken arms, wrists, elbows, tailbones, or head injuries, and to be in a good position for defending an attacker once on the ground. Other videos for ground defense to follow such as: getting up properly, defending while being punched, grabbed, and other attacks.
Simplify the Way You Defend REVOLUTIONARY TRI - BLOCKING SYSTEM Full color instructional book/download - NO need to learn dozens of blocking angles and blocking techniques -STOP those "OH NO I BLOCKED WRONG" moments -No more guessing what strike your opponent is going to throw at you -Block open-handed strikes, kicks, knees, or elbows with confidence -Use for firearm retention -Choose the safest angle of defense without having to worry about what strike will be coming at you -Move the same way for any strike so no guesswork needed -ONLY 3 WAYS TO BLOCK - Keeping it simple and effective