Ronit is passionate to heal many wounded soul, offer them an opportunity to turn their pain into their purpose. She did exactly that as she overcome depression and discover that her life were not in alignment with her soul truth. The path of healing was revealed to Ronit as she had followed the yellow brick road to seek her own soul truth. Her road signs where the geographical magazines she read as a child that uncovers her passion to learn and connect with people around the world to expand her life beyond the Jewish life In Israel. Ronit's own discovery ...See All


Ronit spiritual quest had started back in Israel when she graduated cum laude from the David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem with a dual major in Bible Studies and History in 1993. In addition, she received an award for her proficiency in the Bible. She is the author of the book "Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters." Here course is feature through the Charter of Compassion.

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"Ronit blew my mind. Ronit is cornucopia of information. She tied the Masters and made the story of their lives immediate, accessible, understandable and applicable to my life personally. She conducted the information from four religious greatest, incorporate her own life story and wove to create a fascinating program. I see greatness in Ronit expression of your truth and I love how she taught me that there is strength in owning, embodying and living my truth."

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If have a bigger drive to success and passion to make an impact in the world, this workshop will get you started. If you know you want to have a higher purpose but you are not sure what it is, this workshop will guide you forward. If you know that you want more out of life, this is the right opportunity for you. This playful webinar will help you set up goals that you didn't think are possible.

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We all experience pain in one point in our life. Here is your chance to do powerful healing that release yourself from being a victim. Take your power back.

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In this session we will connect in person on talk about life purpose. I will help guiding you to a new direction based on the information you will provide. In the end of the session you will have good sense of direction moving forward. Looking forward to meeting you.

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Imagine how many lives you can save and heal using your wisdom and insight. If you are constantly thinking about helping people If you have overcome major challenges in your life and offer so much wisdom and insight to those who need it If people seek your wisdom and ask for your advice If you have passion for inspiring, teaching, and leading people through life transformation If you can't bear the thought that people who need your service would suffer unless you help them If you are committed to growing yourself, grow your business, and grow the world, this is for YOU. There is a large market of over 7.5 million people in the USA alone, who are potential clients. These are individuals who are over 40 years old and are ready to find solutions for their midlife crises, to rediscover themselves, and start a new chapter in their lives. What you learn: The 3 keys to creating a successful coaching practice that highlights your own values and expertise and delivers quick and long-lasting results to your clients Key 1: Fix me Most coaches tend to jump into fixing the clients problem way too soon. - Fixing the situation before building trust with clients - Encouraging clients to make changes before they are ready to do so - Focusing attention on doing A great coach helps the client get to know himself better before making any changes. Key 2- Transformation Most coaches offer external transformation, not soul transformation. - Replacing habits - Setting up goals - Following through - Making external changes A great coach helps their clients to identify their soul truth, so they create changes in their lives from the inside out. Key 3 - System Most coaches lack of structure and techniques. Most coaches follow a system that was developed by others; therefore, their delivery is too generic, unauthentic A great coach shares his own wisdom. You are your message and your pain is your treasure. The clients hire YOU because you know what you are talking about. If you don't show your wisdom, you can't earn your clients trust. 1. The Soul Speaking Coaching Program is designed to take the coach through the process of transformation so you can walk the walk before talking the talk. 2. This coaching program provides a structure of transformation, but you will develop the content and wisdom you want to share with your clients.
This is one of a kind coaching approach that customizes your program and showcases your wisdom and your unique expertise The soul speaking method gives you the tools to increase your client's success delivering quick and long-lasting results The Soul Blue-Print Formula designed to guide your client to align their life choices with their Core Value, which creates change from inside out Imagine how many lives you can save and heal using your wisdom and insight.... If you have overcome a painful experience in your life and gained important insights from your life lesson, you are qualified to coach and inspire others to walk the path of courage. You know you can do it, but you haven't organized your knowledge and expertise yet. Do you feel frustrated that you can't figure it out on your own, yet you want to express your unique voice, especially when you KNOW your experience has tremendous value? Do you want to save time and money figuring it out and invest your energy in coaching and helping people? Do you want to create a program that uniquely expresses your own nuggets of wisdom? Do you want to establish a strong and unique brand that provides results, which will position you as one of the top, one-of-a-kind coaches? There is an easier way! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, worried and frustrated, imagine that in just four months from now, you will be ready for business! You will be making the impact you want and making money doing what you love. This transformation is at your fingertips when you use our step-by-step formula, one that is simple to follow and implement. The Soul Speaking Certification Program was created to give you a simple, delivery method that delivers powerful results quickly. You don't have to reinvent the wheel and you will get lifetime access to updated materials and ongoing community support. The Soul Speaking Program: * Allows you to customize your program and make it your own. * You will be able to assimilate the core of your being with the path of the Masters and customize your anecdotes to share your wisdom. * You will be able to experience what your clients would experience. * You will define the kind of audience you are meant to serve, based on your own soul blueprint. * You will have resources to provide clients with life-changing tools and techniques. * You will master the process to give your clients maximum support. * You will access your client's soul truth, helping them to make choices that support their lives. * You will deliver transformation step-by-step and lead your clients toward significant changes. This is the only coaching program that showcases the coach value and positions you as an expert in your own field. I work with you to customize your anecdotes so that you share your own values and inspire your unique audience. By the end of our program, you will be well on your way to teach and inspire many people seeking your services and basking in your light. You will have the strategies you need to work with your clients, producing deeper and long-lasting results! This is the next game changer you've been waiting for! Buy now! One time of $1997 I am ready to leverage my expertise! No Worries. We have a 30 days money back guarantee What You're Going To Learn: * The exact method to exponentially grow your business, positioning you as a coaching expert in your field. * Techniques to guarantee that you and your clients experience transformation. * The best choices for coaching programs that you can easily deliver to your clients, providing access to ongoing resources. * The essential blueprint used to identify your exact target market, to create your marketing message, to help you package your program, and to be ready to work with a client. How You Will Implement It: The Soul Speaking Coaching Program has 13 live interactive Modules where we focus on the process of the transformation. Each module has a pre-recorded video presenting the content and methodology, your guideline to create inspiring content and value. During the live sessions, you will implement the steps that you do with your clients, preparing you for your upcoming session. Here is a look at the modules: Introduction module Getting to know your client You will finish this module with an understanding of your client's main issue and how you will be able to help them. The first assessment helps you learn where to start and what is the goal your client wishes to achieve from the coaching. In this module, you will also learn how to identify your client's pain by doing an under-the-hood assessment. Module 1 Going Forth You will learn how your client's environmental conditions influence his or her choices in life. You will learn a technique that eliminates untruth in order to identify the client's soul truth. Module 2 Looking Inward You will learn how to access your client's soul truth using his or her own life experiences. In this module, you will guide your client to identify childhood memories that serve as an authentic clue of truth. You will learn how to use conflict to highlight the clients truth. Module 3 Direction signs You will learn how to identify tour guides through the forest of life and understand the messages that lead your clients on a journey of transformation. In this module, you will learn how to help your client recognize important direction signs and their meaning. Module 4a and 4b Reprogramming This module is about an internal transformation that keeps your client in the dark, consumed by fear. You will be able to help your client communicate his or her fears. You will also learn how to identify false beliefs that prevent your client from moving forward. In the end, you will learn how to turn fear-based actions into love-driven actions, in order to overcome obstacles. Module 5a and 5b Inner Conflict This module will give the coach a very good overview of their client's profile, including their values, fears, false beliefs, and painful experiences. This information serves as a springboard to identify core values. You will learn how to help your client identify their core values. You will also learn about your client's inner conflict to live by their truth and be able to help them address fears and concerns before making life-changing decisions. Module 6 Awakening The module is focused on creating a new life based on the newfound truth. You will learn how to align your client's life choices with their core values in each aspect of their life. This step-by-step technique guides you to suggest action steps for implementing changes from the inside out. Module 7a and 7b Awakening of Empathy This module focuses on deep healing learning about karmic connection and its meaning and purpose. You will be able to distinguish between a minor karma event that guides your client to his or her next destination and a major karma event that leads to complete transformation. You will be able to help your client understand their life lesson. Finally, you will learn the sweet revenge healing technique. Module 8 Your Client Profile The module is designed to help you customize your business to your ideal client, based on your own soul blueprint. You will learn how your own pain relates to your ideal client and what your ideal client looks like in order to create your unique niche. Module 9 Core Coaching Persona This module shapes your soul message and crafts your expertise. You will understand your own value as a coach and will develop your own soul-branding message. Soul Speaking Coaching Program is supported on a state-of-the-art learning platform where you have private access to the following materials you can access at any time: * Teaching videos inspired by the Masters wisdom relevant to each modules content *All session recordings * Tools and resources to use with your clients * Handouts to give to your clients prior to your session * Meditations to share with your clients You will also receive... A Free Membership An interactive community that supports each other throughout the coaching experience. Once a month call, discussing your coaching needs. (worth $1200) Once a month call doing Core Value consultation. We will diagnose together your client's profile and help you define your client's core value. ($1500) Q&A- videos offering coaching tips based on your questions, addressing specific issues of working with your client. ($1000) Webinar on additional topics such as life purpose, communication, forgiveness, money mindset shift, gratitude, abracadabra manifestation and more�¦ ($1000 Lifetime access to all the content on the membership site, granting you permission to use all the materials while conducting sessions with your clients (a $500 value per year). A one-on-one consultation meeting with Ronit to discuss your specific niche and packaging needs (a $500 value). Ongoing resources and coaching updates by emails (a $500 value). An interactive Soul Speaking community of alumni that will provide support and share wisdom (a $200 value). Access to the weekly additional weekly meeting, where you meet with me and your colleagues to have your materials reviewed, ask questions, receive feedback, and share best practices (a $1000 value). Testimonial "Ronit has developed a powerful coaching process that works at a deep and personal level. This process enables her clients to find clarity and turbocharge their focus, so their choices and actions are far more powerful and effective and empower her clients to produce the results that her clients seek. Through inner work as part of Ronit's coaching, I was able to identify one of my core values, self-expression, and then apply that value to better decisions. Ronit then provided constant encouragement and insightful ideas that inspired me to explore options that were aligned with my values and my visions for my future. Furthermore, my positive experience with Ronit has shown me fulfilling possibilities that are available through coaching others, and I better see how I can apply my spiritual perspectives to support others to find and express their full selves. Thank you, Ronit, for sharing your wisdom and compassion." Ty Smith "I was introduced to Ronit by my cousin after telling her that I was struggling in some key areas of my life. I was feeling hopeless, empty and not getting much satisfaction in my relationships with my friends and family. Ronit life coaching techniques have helped transform my life from experiencing a lot of pain and sadness to a feeling more passion and joy. I learned how to look at my life and find out who I really am instead of who I was always trying to be. I was able to find many new to live my life according to my path and let go of trying to control everyone else's path. Each week I would look forward to the coaching session because it was interesting and eye opening to go through the questions and have Ronit help find the hard answers and find solutions and hope. Ronit has a true gift for helping people find their soul truth and live the life that is waiting for them. Her book Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters in a true testament to her dedication and insight on finding one's core value and living the life that guides us and directs us to self-love, happiness, and contentment." ~ Danielle Kootchic Soul Speaking Certified Coaching Program is accredited by the ICF for 34.5 Credits Yes! I'm ready to leverage my expertise! I am ready to inspire, teach, and lead people to a life of transformation I am ready to share my wisdom and insight with the world I am ready to end suffering and bring joy, love, and peace to people I am ready to grow myself, grow my business, and grow the world I am ready to be a Soul Speaking Coach ProgramThe Soul Speaking Program alone is valued at $4000, plus extras over $7000, for a total value of $10,000 The price of the Soul Speaking Program is nowhere near $10,000 Why? Because it is important to me that this is affordable and accessible to everyone who is truly passionate about becoming an ambassador of healing. The world needs you!!! Your client needs you!!! Let me support you all the way. I'm offering this entire package to you for only... $1997 If you buy now We also offer a 6-payment program to make the Soul Speaking Program affordable for everyone. That's 6 monthly payments of $347 Soul Speaking Certified Coach No Worries. The Product Comes With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money Back. We're ready to prove everything we claim. Register right now and see for yourself. If, after the first 30 days, Program Certification Formula does not live up to any the claims stated here, let me know and I'll give you back every penny. No hassles and we can part as friends. Buy Now! 6 payments of $347 Yes! I'm ready to leverage my expertise! This is an incredible deal and an incredible opportunity! It's life-changing. Then you're ready for the Soul Speaking Program It's fast. It's easy. And it WORKS! Let's take your business to the next level. That's the vision. That's the truth. That's the Soul Speaking Program. More... Community Support Helping with referral based the unique niche JV partnership with each other Coaching feedback and advice Posting a new content video of a specific subject that was not covered in the course or need improvement. Marketing tips and resources Business wisdom based on experience In the future 50% discount Annual Live Event