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Sharon Moore has been practicing and teaching spiritual topics such as spiritual foundation and philosophy, astrology, the "new" consciousness, end-of-life issues, the Sabian symbols, sungazing, REIKI, symbolism, and Shustah cards for over twenty years. Her specialties in astrology include transits, progression, relationship astrology and defining the degrees of the zodiac. Her businesses included Time For Love Astrological Services, which started in 1996, and is now called Sunology Astrology. Having discovered a systematic method to interpret the degrees in 2005, she wrote Sunology: A Guide to Source-Connection, Using Astrology's Amazing Sabian Sun Symbols, published in 2009.

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This course adds to the previous course, in terms of defining the thirty step cycle, giving you some patterns to set up a context for the cycle, and tell you some new things about symbols that you did not know. Think Taurus 17, the battle of the swords and the torches.Because that was the day. The participant was Pisces 12: An examination of initiates. She had some excellent questions and was able to take center stage with a very gentle, Piscean yield. Good news is that the sun is always in a good spot. Yes, there's something new under the sun! Come hear more about it at this third (free!) class.
Agenda: How a holographic universe works Dream Symbolism - places, subject matter, objects and people Waking Dreams - Heaven on earth Spiritual Law Why it Works How it Works When it Works - All new examples of synchronistic occurrences Better understand the benefits of connecting with source All new stories, examples, and reasons
Sharon Moore
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Recorded: Apr 10, 2016 at 09:00 pm EST
Did your mother tell you not to look at the sun? Guess what! Sometimes mother doesn't always know best. You can look at the sun with no adverse effects while gaining many healthy benefits. Learn everything you need to know about a safe and easy sun-gazing practice that will boost your creativity and heal your body on all levels. Hear about others' experiences, how to develop a safe practice, and what benefits you can expect. Many people have found sun-gazing to be more effective than meditation for quieting your mind and connecting with source - and it's a lot quicker! Tune into this free session and get your questions answered.
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