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Laura Stack has dedicated her career to building high-performance productivity cultures by creating Maximum Results in Minimum Time®. She is the president of The Productivity Pro, Inc., a time management training firm in Denver, Colorado, specializing in productivity improvement in high-stress organizations.

Since 1992, Laura has presented keynotes and seminars on improving output, lowering stress, and saving time in today’s workplaces and homes. She is the bestselling author of four books: (1) SuperCompetent, (2) The Exhaustion Cure, (3) Find More Time, and (4) Leave the Office Earlier. Laura has been a spokesperson for Microsoft, 3M, and ...See All

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Laura is the bestselling author of four books, including SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best (Wiley, 2010); The Exhaustion Cure (Broadway Books, 2008), Find More Time (Broadway Books, 2006), and the bestselling Leave the Office Earlier (Broadway Books, 2004), which was hailed as “the best of the bunch” by the New York Times. Her books have been published in seven countries and translated into five foreign languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Italian. She is also a contributor to two of the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Laura’s popular monthly electronic newsletter has ...See All

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For an individual or a group, join Productivity Pro Laura Stack in an hour of her renowned training.

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The first day of school is a universal time of change for all parents of school-age children. And though much has suddenly changed in our children’s lives, much has stayed the same in some: disorganized bedrooms, poor time management, lack of discipline, and stress. As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of settling our children into the new school year and making sure they’re comfortable that we forget about the ongoing struggles our children endure the rest of the year. According to John Stamm, Ph.D., and Bill Stockton (Psych Savvy: Children and Organizational Skills), “School failure and unhappiness in the school setting can be often traced to poor organizational skills.” Evidence shows that children having trouble “dramatically improved their school performance because of assistance in becoming better organized.” There are several important areas where you can help your children get organized and keep their home and school lives running smoothly, setting them up for success later in life.
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I fly over 100,000 miles a year on United Airlines. It’s a job hazard as a professional speaker. Parts of it I hate, and some things I actually enjoy, such as working uninterrupted on a plane. I know not everyone has the natural ability to live out of a suitcase or do business from a laptop bag. However, with a little practice, you can learn how to make the most of your travel time. It’s amazing what you can get done when you put some miles between yourself and the usual distractions of everyday life.
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The subject of this ebook is focusing on your work and maintaining your concentration in an environment of distraction. It is so difficult to keep our minds sharp and our brains fit, with so many diversions competing for our attention. I was an avid reader growing up. I’ve read The Little House on the Prairie series probably thirty times and an unknown number of Black Beauty and Nancy Drew novels. I remember sitting for hours in the corner of our living room in my Daddy’s favorite recliner, absorbed in stories. Occasionally my mother would storm into the living room, upset. “Didn’t you hear me call you?” she would ask. I’d look at her strangely, and as I came back to reality, and answer sincerely, “No Mommy, I didn’t.” I truly didn’t hear her, because I was so focused.
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