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For 33 years I have traveled the globe sharing my research and expertise in human behavior with audiences large and small. My God given talent is taking issues that create confusion or conflict for people and show them the pathway to clarity and resolution. My expertise is in creating direction for Leadership/Management and salespeople and helping them clarify purpose, direction, goals, motivation and personal and business development. Have written 15 books, over 100 cds recorded, host of my own internet radio show.

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CSP from National Speakers Association
National Poetry Hall of Fame

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No Excuse Management (2 hrs.)   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

As long as management makes excuses for their people, they have no reason to improve! This program examines 100 companies that were successful and now gone. Information will explore the 4 common self-destructive behaviors they all shared, a 4 phase timetable to their demise and the 4 actions they could have taken to create growth, rather than self destruction.

The Power of Being Connected (2 hrs)   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

How important is communication? When there is a breakdown in communication, it is the result of a breakdown in a common purpose, common agenda and a common commitment. Program covers how and why breakdown happens, how to align individuals to common purpose, agenda and commitment. Program concludes with the 12 keys to connecting people with clarity. The result is a strong organization where solutions, not criticism is the rule.

Embracing Change (2 hrs)   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Most people want to improve as long as they don't have to change anything! This fact is what makes change so challenging for many. Change is an emotion and the resistance occurs when it attaches itself to fear. Material covers the purpose of change, why people fear change, the connection between change and improvement and the 3 components to making change a friend, not an enemy to fear. This program takes change and turns the emotion into a part of the growth experience.

Strengthening Leadership Skills (2 hrs)   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Companies only exist when leadership is weak! Strong leadership demands skilled leaders. The top skills needed are Listening, Communication, Confrontation, Decision Making and Delegating. Each skill is reviewed in its own course, and each course is 2 hours.

Improving Customer Service (2 hrs)   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

With as much time and money companies have spent on training their people on Customer Service, you would have thought there would be no issues, but the reality is Customer Service is a CONCEPT many of the people haven't bought into. The lack of Customer Service has resulted in a lack of Customer Satisfaction. This program examines the missing ingredient in the Customer Service challenge -- Customer Appreciation. Program insights will include the behaviors that demonstrate Customer Appreciation, what happens when Customer doesn't feel appreciated, and 11 Keys to creating Appreciation

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