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I'm an experienced Leadership Consultant and Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach and author with 30+ years experience in developing leadership potential and empowerment, supporting people at individual or organizational level to develop confidence, leadership and people skills; empowering them to see themselves as the solution. I've also founded Recovering Workaholics.

A serious ski accident in 1983, forced me to use a wheelchair. As the Head Teacher (Principle)of a large school I was unable to access most classrooms. I had to look at the bigger picture and develop innovative ways to motivate and engage staff so that ...See All


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I am passionate about helping people fulfill their potential and in the development of leadership. We can choose to be the creators of our own destiny or be a victim to what life brings.

I'm looking forward to sharing the principles and strategies which have proved to be so successful for myself and the hundreds of people I've worked with. Each one designed to help you create the positive advantage in both your personal and professional life.

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What makes the difference between success, high profits, a well- motivated and engaged workforce, satisfied, loyal customer base and an organization which is struggling to meet its targets, has high levels of conflict, a poorly motivated staff and an ever diminishing return on the effort to succeed? Much research has been carried out on what gives successful companies the competitive edge. Positive psychology used in a structured way has demonstrated, beyond doubt, it gives individuals, teams and organizations across the board the "Positive Advantage". If you want better outcomes there need to be a better quality of thinking. Perspective, motive, emotional intelligence, choice and responsibility are all major elements within our thinking. This session offers a structured approach to "mindful" thinking.
Gina Gardiner
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Recorded: Dec 02, 2014 at 05:00 am EST
Any organisation is a strong as the team of people they put together. Each person brings with them a unique set of skills, knowledge, intelligences, attitude and baggage. Bring a team together and the resource grows potentially to provide not just the individual set, but the huge benefits that interaction between people can create. Organisations where people pool their knowledge, skills, imagination, ideas and experience have so much more resource to draw upon. If you unpick the elements that make any organisation successful one of the core reasons is the quality of the people within it and the way in which they inter-relate. This course offers a tried and tested 10 step approach to creating your "Dream Team"
To lead others you must first lead yourself. Modelling excellence in leadership is all about enlisting the support of others to accomplish the desired dream. It is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute towards making something extra ordinary happen. Leadership through enlightenment requires the ability to shine a light on the potential and inner qualities of oneself initially and then on others. The challenge is transforming that potential into reality. Enlightened leaders create opportunities for people to recognise their own worth. They then create and maintain the conditions for confidence, experience, skills and expertise to develop and grow. True magic happens when those who have been nurtured and empowered then shine a light on those they touch and in turn pass the beacon on. This session focuses on strategies to develop the leader within you and how to recognise and develop the potential in others. It is based on over thirty years successful experience of developing leaders.