Hi! I'm Eve! As a licensed psychotherapist with a PhD in psychology, I have spent a lifetime exploring the psychospiritual realm to find the most powerful and effective methods for healing ourselves, transcending old limitations, and creating lives that are an expression of the highest and best within us.

My passion lies in teaching you how to free yourself of mental and emotional blocks, align with your Spiritual Essence, and ignite your dreams!

With over thirty-five years of experience in the field, I have come to know that positive change is always possible for ...See All

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When you amp up your abundance vibe, you open the flow of good into your life. Experience a powerful guided meditation process to clear subconscious limitations and begin attracting what you desire easily, without struggle. Learn practical steps to raise your vibration and create a life you love. Includes workbook and guided meditation download.
Are you seeking greater inner balance, peace, and strength during these turbulent times? By increasing your alignment with your Spiritual Essence, you can feel more peaceful, centered, and calm through life's most challenging moments. You can also open to greater joy, abundance, and wellbeing, find it easier to recognize and follow the gentle nudges of your intuition, and feel more motivated and inspired to take action in the direction of your goals and dreams. What you will learn: What it means to be aligned with your Spiritual Essence; How you and your life change when you are "in alignment;" How to recognize when you are "out of alignment;" Eleven things you can do to align more fully with the light within; A quick guided meditation you can do anywhere to rebalance yourself! Come discover practical steps you can take to experience greater spiritual alignment and open to the wonders that await you within!
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