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These links are resources for new instructors (even old instructors) who want class materials found in a more traditional class setting or need free applications to teach classes for traditionally private software as mentioned in the video. ***This document is not reflective of Learn It Live's opinions and all content belongs to its original creators***
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Catherine Bernard is an intern at Learn it Live for the summer as part of TAG-Ed, the Technology Association of Georgia, program. She is learning through the great mentors at Learn It Live how this platform and the company works. She is super excited to be involved and has enjoyed viewing others classes and profiles to understand how to best set her's up. She will be teaching a single class this coming week (the week of June 17) covering 5 main topics: 1)What is Learn It Live 2) What is Learn It Live's mission and how can it best impact the world? 3) Who should be teaching on Learn It Live and why? 4)How would Learn It Live's intern find these people? 5) What great uses would Learn It Live have in K-12 and lower income settings? She thanks you in advance for your patience as she constructs this profile to its best possible state.
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