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My combined background in metaphysics and psychology, both of which I hold a degree, allow me to connect with each individual at an intuitive level to teach them to heal. As a practicing professional medium for over 10 yrs I've acquired the knowledge first hand to teach and heal with faith, that my service to spirit, is my path. And the specific details given to each client are what is needed to empower them to grow into their optimal being. I am also available for private readings and counseling sessions.


University of Metaphysics
PhD in Metaphysical Science
B.Msc in Transpersonal Counseling.
Certified in the Metaphysical Practitioners Program
Ordained Metaphysical Minister with International Metaphysical Ministry

Experience and Distinctions

Over 25 years of experience in the Metaphysical Field. More than 10 years of Professional Hospice Custodial Attendant experience.
10 Years as a Professional Medium, Channel and Psychic.
Member of the IMM Counseling Psychology Association
Rev of IMM

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This class will help you identify what energy center your Authentic self resonates from. Are you a Healer, coming from your heart? Do you struggle with how to help others without getting hurt? Are you a teacher vibrating at the throat level without an understanding why you feel compelled to tell the truth or share your knowledge. These things and more will introduce you to your true potential and you will learn how to integrate this information with your everyday schedule. there will be ample time for questions during this process.
Viretta Feiro
Recorded: Apr 12, 2016 at 07:00 pm EDT
A soul's journey is an accumulation of information from hours of channeling and over 30,000 sessions with people asking questions of loved ones in spirit. Coupled with an understanding of Metaphysics having received a PhD, offers the ability to explain academically what science knows about the subject. To compliment these things I have 8 years of experience as a custodial hospice caregiver. Assisting during the process of transition, many times surrounded by only family of the individual. This short explanation of what our soul goes through from the beginning of preparation to come to Earth to the departure from the physical. Understand every individual goes through their own process, no story is the same but there are many specifics that every soul has in common with all others in the pursuit of the physical realm. A Soul's Journey.
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