Sue Walsh is a professional complementary therapist specialising in Traditional Japanese Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies. She also offers Animal Healing, Angel Workshops, Counselling, Karuna Reiki. Sue holds a degree in Psychology and CPCAB Counselling training. Please feel free to contact Sue with any questions you may have or visit her website at www.susanemma.com


BA Degree in Psychology
CPCAB Counselling Skills
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP)
Reiki Master-Teacher

Experience and Distinctions

Sue has practiced healing for over 13 years and is passionate about sharing the knowledge and love of energy work with others so that they can feel its incredible benefits for themselves. She has trained with some of the best teachers in the world - Frans Stiene, Doreen Virtue, William Lee Rand, Jack Angelo. She feels genuinely blessed to be following a path that is so uplifting and inspiring and Sue sincerely wishes to help others achieve what they need on their own journey.

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Join Sue Walsh, Founder of the Surrey School of Reiki to learn how practicing Reiki can lead you to healing and personal development. Perhaps you have tried conventional medicine for physical ailments, illnesses, anxiety or depression only to find that either the medicine didn€™t really work, or if it did, the side effects were awful? Reiki is a beautifully simple, yet deeply profound, Japanese method for self-development and healing, much like the practice of meditation. Like meditation, it can be deeply transformative. Reiki is not a religion and many people find that it enhances their spiritual beliefs. Reiki can be beneficial for physical ailments, post-operative recovery, chronic and acute illnesses, it can help with emotional trauma such as depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and anxiety and it can help one to have a general feeling of overall wellbeing. Sue Walsh is a professional Reiki Master-Teacher Member of the UK Reiki. She has been practicing healing and complementary therapies for over 13 years and has trained with some of the best teachers in the world in order to be able to offer treatments and training in line with high ethical and professional standards. There is no charge for this class, all welcome, please invite your friends too.
Imagine if you could take something that would help you to feel happy, emotionally balanced and able to take stress in your stride. Introducing the Bach Flower Remedies. Most people know of Rescue Remedy (little brown bottle with a yellow label), but did you know that there are actually 38 individual flower remedies that can be tailored specifically to your own needs? Feeling overwhelmed? There's a remedy for that! Feeling tired and exhausted? There's a remedy for that! Feeling depressed/anxious/angry? There's a remedy for that! Join Sue Walsh, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and professional complementary therapist, to learn more about how these amazing little bottles can help you to feel balanced, whole and in control.
Join Sue Walsh, Angel Therapy Practitioner (certified by Doreen Virtue Ph.D), on a journey to discover the love you really want! Working with your angels in a state of healing meditation, Sue will invite you to connect deeply with your heart's true desires. Sue has been teaching angel workshops and giving angel card readings for over 10 years and works as a professional complementary therapist offering treatments and training in Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Angels and Animal Healing.
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