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Stacy Renz became a licensed and registered occupational therapist in 1998 and began practicing yoga as a means of stress and scoliosis management. As she discovered the hidden gifts in the practice she was led to share those gift with others. She became a certified yoga teacher and therapist through Integrative Yoga Therapy and founded Living Room Yoga. Her mission has always been to put the tools of healing and wellness into the hands of the individual and to bridge eastern and western medicine.

After founding Living Room Yoga she has served countless individuals in finding greater ...See All


Certification in Hypnotherapy through New England Institute of Hypnotherapy

Training in Meridian Yoga (Daniel Orlansky)

Training in Cranial Sacral Therapy Level 1 and 2 through the Upledger Institute

Training in Cranial Sacral Therapy for the Meridians through the Upledger Institute

Training in Yoga for Scoliosis (Deborah Wolk; Bobby Fultz)

Training in Yoga for the Internal Organs and the Asymetric Body (Karin Stephan)

1000-Hour Professional Yoga Therapy Certification through Integrative Yoga Therapy (Joseph and Lilian LePage) and certification through International Association of Yoga ...See All

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Chronic pain or illness can set you on a downward spiral of being afraid to move. Numerous research is showing that chronic pain changes the brain to interpret EVERYTHING as a possible threat. The brain then produces pain as a way to stop you from moving. The problem is, the less you move, the worse you feel. Thankfully research also shows that gentle yoga and meditation RESTORE the brain with practice so that you can BEGIN TO MOVE AGAIN, ENGAGE IN LIFE, and ENJOY THE ACTIVITIES THAT MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING. I have seen this with my own eyes in my work as an occupational therapist and yoga therapist. Whether you have been living with chronic pain or are recovering from illness (like COVID19), this class is geared to give you HOPE, RELAXATION FOR SLEEP, and set you on your journey to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE. What you need: A chair without arms (no rolling chairs please), a long belt (yoga belt, long bathroom tie etc). Please have your chair on a surface where it will not slide. Setting it on a yoga sticky mat usually works well. Class is done in bare feet ideally.
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