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Sacred is a Soulcare therapist, being a trained Interfaith Minister, Drama Therapist, and African Psychologist. Through her company, Kuumba Health LLC, Sacred developed 'Soulcare." Here she offers holistic soulcare coaching and transformational leadership soulcare retreats in her private practice. She helps people over time to shift their experiences of illness into reclaimed joy, embodied sacred sensuality, and wellness, using research backed therapeutic art, her radiant magnetic presence, and affirming rituals. Soulcare reaches deeper into areas as an asset to western medicine. Through individual and group counseling, wedding offication, creative projects, retreats, and train the trainer staff development. She is a ...See All


Sacred is the Founder and Executive Director of Kuumba Health LLC, a woman-led health and advocacy organization that convenes holistic retreats and workshops for practitioners to exemplify core principles to community members.

As a leading holistic clinician, Sacred Walker is an Interfaith Chaplain, earning her Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from Union Theological Seminary's Psychiatry and Religion Program, with a specialization in Holistic Psychology. Additionally, Sacred has over 10 years experience training with drama therapy Board Certified Trainers and leading organizations in the field as a Professional Member of the North American Association of Drama Therapy. In parallel, ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Sacred has unique expertise in merging drama therapy techniques, African Psychology, & Embodied Universal Spiritual Principles to support marginalized peoples and organizational culture's optimal health, spiritual transformation, and epidemiological shifting of historical patterns of oppression over time into purpose re-alignment for those she serves. Sacred Walker became an LGBTQ affirming registered Interfaith Marriage Officiant in New York State. She believes all paths lead back to "embodied love" fostered through soulcare.

For over 10 years, she has been a holistic mental health practitioner & psyho-educational teacher of mind, body, and spirit health specializing in serving couples, adolescents, LGBTQ ...See All

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Are you looking for simple tools to cope with day to day stressors, and unplug in our digital age? Has the rise in violence on the news upset you? Have you noticed an increased feeling of tiredness or helplessness in the face of injustices? Are you tired of people being hurt, who look like you and/or have your experiences? If any of these apply to you, You have come to the right place. Join us. This brief session will: - Teach you the impacts on stress on the body and how to unplug - Tools to connect with elders and ancestors to gain wisdom - Artistic tools for improving optimal health in the places where you hold anxiety ie stomach digestion - Fun tips on how to decrease stress
In this experiential international workshop: - Utilize art and ritual tools - Express and reclaim your connection to spirituality and sensuality as the source of your Transformative leadership - Have fun in a supportive on-line environment. - Reconnect to deeper intimacy in relationships with yourself and others - Improve relational confidence and leadership framework Register today for a 100% discount Description: Reclaiming Sacred Sensuality is a 45 minute encore teaser to learn tools to strength healthier relationships to sensuality and spirituality, decreasing stress, and building transformative leadership. We encourage embodiment of the Fiercely Divine you. *LGBT & Divine feminine affirming
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Register for Kuumba Health's Special Session: Train the Trainers: How to Explore "Sacred Sensuality" with Young Adult Survivors Facilitator: Sacred Walker, MDiv RDTc RMO Register for this Live Interactive On-Line Gathering. Are you ready to support your clients who would benefit from an affirming language regarding sexuality and faith? Are you a service provider who needs creative therapeutic tools for survivors? JOIN US This is a virtual workshop where you will: Learn tangible tools on how to utilize theater, writing, and mindfulness activities Increase your creative tool kit to support those you care for and serve, Increase your own stress management skills Teach: Creative approaches of emotional expression for survivors Increased self-confidence & boundary setting Safe touch dialogue through engaging art Experience the Kuumba Health Soulcare difference- Gone Viral! Rave about us- Spread the word! #Kuumba_Health #soulcareprovidertrainings #Sacred_Walker
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