Raven Many Voices is a well known and gifted spiritual counselor, intuitive, medium and teacher. She has been providing spiritual guidance to people seeking wisdom for over 20 years. Her ability to access the many traditions and spiritual realms lead her to become a Voice for Spirit - incorporating healing modalities from around the world into an easy and assessable format for those exploring spiritual healing, spirit guides and soul communication. She is highly attuned to both the Ascended Masters/Angelic Realms as well as the Ancestors/Earth Spirits in the service of healing ourselves, our community and our planet. She applies ...See All

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Do you hear the call of the Sea? Come join us in this Voices from Spirit series featuring Mermaids. Learn more about these water loving spirits from around the world, how they can heal your sorrow and help you to find your spiritual name. Discover what mermaid, or merman, is here to help you on your journey though a guided meditation. And create a water blessing to help you purify your life and the waters that surround you. Bring your questions to the live show or watch the recording from your pool.
Ever wonder what those strange dreams are trying to teach you? Do you feel like you visit past lives, distant planets and other people in your dreams? Would you like to be able to have more control in your dreams? Come join us as we explore the dream realm and learn how this space of the mind is healing and transformational. Learn how to take control of your dreams, called lucid dreaming, and how to remember dreams the next day. Find out how to dream weave and if you are a dream walker healer. This class will be recorded so come join the class live to ask your questions or watch later before bed.
Come discover the mysterious Egyptian Goddess of the sun, moon and cats - Bast. Learn about cat magic and what your furry companion is trying to communicate to you. From a fierce warrior to a home protector of women and children create a connection to this amazing Cat Goddess and learn how to spark magic in your life and protect what you love.
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