Raven Many Voices is a well known and gifted spiritual counselor, intuitive, medium and teacher. She has been providing spiritual guidance to people seeking wisdom for over 20 years. Her ability to access the many traditions and spiritual realms lead her to become a Voice for Spirit - incorporating healing modalities from around the world into an easy and assessable format for those exploring spiritual healing, spirit guides and soul communication. She is highly attuned to both the Ascended Masters/Angelic Realms as well as the Ancestors/Earth Spirits in the service of healing ourselves, our community and our planet. She applies ...See All

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Archangel Azrael, is he the skeleton grim reaper or the gentle guide in transitions? Come learn more about this powerful Angel of Transformations and Death. Hear about death from his point-of-view and how facing death as a friend can change all of your fears. This class will be live for your questions and recorded to watch again.
Feeling a little stuck in your creativity? Would you like to tap into your artistic self and create something new in life? It's time to co-create with your team of Muses! Muses are your personal team of idea generators, crazy inspirations and wonderous adventure planners. These hard working spirit guides keep the new experiences and ideas coming if you are ready to listen. Learn how to forge a new relationship with your creative team, meet your Muse spirit guides and discover ways to let your playful creative side flow in life. This class will be live for questions and recorded for replay.
Does it feel like something is holding you back no matter how much you change your life for the positive? Are family patterns preventing your forward movement? With all the focus on DNA and family history your ancestors are standing up for help in their healing. Learn how you can change family patterns and release yourself from repeating the same mistakes. Discover your Ancestral Healing guide that can assist you in healing not only yourself but your children. It's time to clear your past so you can open your future for a new beginning.
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