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Spiritual Teacher, Author & Master Hypnotherapist since1992, Kristen Eykel MHt. trained in Shamanism in the Amazon Rainforest, and is an Usui/ Karuna Holy Fire lll Online Reiki Master Teacher, Birth Doula, E-500 RYT Kundalini & Pregnancy Yoga Expert in Calabasas, California. She is the founder of Sacred Circle Teachings with a devoted and loyal following dedicated to her trainings & coaching programs. Her signature book & 6-week online course, “Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana into Awareness”  expertly weaves the ancient yogic science of Sadhana with Mudra, Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation & Intention into a thoroughly modern approach to mindfulness. 

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Experience and Distinctions

Master Hypnotherapist, Usui Karuna/ Holy Fire lll Online Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula & Pregnancy Expert. Creator of the best-selling Pregnancy Yoga DVD, "Yoga for your Pregnancy" and her signature series ," Yoga Emergency- the 12 Minute Workout".

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Expert Services Offered
Preparation for Labor   ($150) [+] Show More Info

In this session, we work either one on one, or with your Birth Partner to create an atmosphere that is most conducive for YOUR best birth. We cover -Postures for Pain relief during pregnancy -Postures for Labor -Meditation techniques to assist with Labor -Hypnosis Techniques to create a positive atmosphere for the Couple in Labor.

Pregnancy Yoga & Labor Support   ($85) [+] Show More Info

In these one on one coaching sessions, I use my signature Transformational Birth Pregnancy Yoga techniques to support your body, inspire your mind and prepare you mental and physically for labor.

Private Yoga Training   ($85) [+] Show More Info

Using Kundalini, Yoga as the foundation- combinng Meditation, Mudra, Drishti and Asana, I guide your body into strength, peace and balance. I teach - Kundalini - Hatha -Restorative -Power -Pregnancy

Past Life/ Alternate Timeline Therapy Sessions   ($150) [+] Show More Info

In these private one on one sessions, I guide you into Alternate/ Past Life Timelines that may be sources of stress or anxiety so that you may retrieve for yourself the wisdom and the clearing necessary for THIS timeline experience to flourish.

Awesomeness Training   ($150) [+] Show More Info

In these one on one coaching sessions, you will be guided through a series of exercises to uncover our greatest gifts, passions and stumbling blocks to your success.

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Kristen Eykel MHt
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Recorded: Sep 27, 2017 at 02:15 pm EST
Join this class on the Art of Pranayama. Yoga discipline holds many practices for enlightenment and awareness, but one of the most primary ones is Breath. Pranayama balances the brain, detoxifies the body, reduces the awareness of pain, balances emotions, and clears away anxiety. It connects us to our truth and wisdom, and allows greater creative consciousness to emerge. Breath is often held in moments of stress, fear and pain, so by re-patterning breath in specific cycles, we can literally release years of stored trauma from the tissues and the mind. Come connect to your breath and let go in a sigh what has been weighing you down in silence. Many people sip inhales, but in this class, learn what it means to truly Breathe!
Take your healing to the NEXT level! Holy Fire ll Reiki is a more refined and higher frequency energy that amplifies your Usui Reiki or any other healing modality that you currently employ. As well, the Holy Fire ll Reiki energy causes a "burning away" of that which no longer serves you. Be prepared for relationships to evolve, circumstances to clear and for your creativity and abundance to open up new pathways for expression. Joining this class LIVE and in person allows you to ask questions and to receive the Reiki meditations and Placements in a way that was impossible with Usui Reiki alone. You will feel inspired and energized, awakened and restored. Allow for an integration process to occur after this class. Perhaps avoid alcohol and chaotic energy for a little while to fully appreciate and absorb the glow of this heightened field of awareness.
This course is the companion to the book Planning for Success- a 6Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help you Recreate Your Life, Set Your Goals& Manifest Your Intentions by KristenEykel CHt.
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