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Kelly Sanders is a student of the earth. She is passionate about helping people connect to their inner truth, and creating balance within all aspects of their life. Her purpose is to teach others how to love unconditionally with acceptance and peace

Kelly has spent twenty years following her food passion, working in a team who were voted No. 7 best restaurant in the world. She has spent the last ten years becoming certified as a psychosomatic therapist, reiki worker, money coach, coauthor in Sprout the life you love (to name a few) and is continuing her ...See All


Certified Psychosomatic therapist (as recognised by Australian and Canadian health boards)
Reiki energy healer
Qualified relaxation massage therapist
Body talk technician
Licensed Money Breakthrough Method Coach
Energy Healer

Experience and Distinctions

Twenty years hospitality based experience- helping businesses transform from failure to success.
Six years retail- voted No. 1 Lego retailer in New Zealand three years running
10 years experience in Natural therapies
Coauthor of book Sprout the life you love

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VIP Money Mindset Session (5 Hours)   ($595)

Survive Christmas WITHOUT the financial stress!! Offer available until 24th December only! Unlock the key to unlimited earning potential You'll learn to.. -The Methods 9 most powerful questions to ask to get to the root of healing in any money situation or conversation -How to release outdated money fears -How to stop sneaky self-sabotaging money behaviors

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Kelly Sanders
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jul 15, 2018 at 05:30 am EST
Never before in the history of mankind has our world been so overloaded with chemicals. Greedy corporations and governments are POISONING us for the sake of MONEY The average women puts between 8-20 chemicals on her face on a daily basis. They are hiding in our cosmetics, skincare, body wash and soaps. Our food is compromised with additives, colourings and preservatives which lead to short and long term health issues. Our oceans are being inundated with unnecessary plastic and packaging which is destroying our delicate ecosystem. Without the oceans natural filtering system you can expect more acid rain, climate change and uncertainty for the future. In this workshop we will give you the information and facts on how YOU can control your environment and live well! We will introduce to Doterra essential oils and how they can create a massive improvement in YOUR quality of life. Essential oils have been used as plant based medicine for the past 2500 years. They have no nasty side effects. They can improve your health on an emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and environmental level. Discover how.... - They can improve stress levels and sleep � - Improve gut health and reduce toxicity - Support sustainable environmental practices - Boost immunity during cooler months - Assist with breathing issues and snoring � - Act as a natural antibiotic that will support your bodies healing - Can help with ailments from cuts & coughs to dementia/ stroke/ cancer - Plus much more This is a great opportunity to learn about other options available to help support you. Looking forward to seeing you online �
Would YOU like to increase YOUR energy levels? Are YOU tired of feeling stressed? Would YOU like to eliminate aches and pains? If YOU have ever experienced ill health or had an accident, you will value how important YOUR health is! It is only when we are unable to preform our everyday basics- like eating well without discomfort, being able to walk unaided, or sleep through the night- that the warnings bells force us to pay attention. Being unwell can affect all aspects of YOUR life- Relationships, ability to work and earn, ability to live unaided from drugs and medication. It can cause depression and deep seeded feelings of loneliness. But that doesn’t have to be YOUR reality! Discover how therapeutic grade essential oils are plant based medicine which can support your body to heal itself. Learn the proven history-that spans over 3500 years-illustrating essential oils medicinal benefits! Understand how YOU and YOUR family can use essential oils and benefit! YOU have the power to improve your health! Start today!
Kelly Sanders
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Recorded: Sep 02, 2017 at 05:00 am EST
Do YOU want to learn how to heal YOURSELF? Do YOU want to be FREE of aches and pains? Do YOU want to live toxic free? In this class you will get introduced to plant based medicine-Essential oils! Discover how nature can help heal and support your body. These therapeutic grade essential oils assist support emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Learn how to shed any baggage that may be weighing you down. Enjoy the sensation of feeling connected, loved and supported. In this class we will cover.... - The history of Essential Oils and how they have healed for the past 3000 years - The safety guidelines of using essential oils - The power of essential oils when sourced correctly - The different grades of essential Oil - The benefits of essential oils and how you can use them - Other tips and trips for using essential oils Join us to discover the power of good health and happiness!
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