Best selling author, speaker, teacher, mentor and radio personality, over the last thirty years, Dr. Kevin has been an early innovator in both the business and private sectors. Throughout the late seventies and eighties, he introduced the importance of formalized training for all levels of employees and wrote then implemented formalized training systems in multiple industries. He then created communication programs and critical thinking based management development programs. Moving into the personal growth, human potential, and alternative health fields in the early nineties he was one of the first to not only introduce the concept of coaching into his practice ...See All


Bachelor's in Business Management & Psychology
Master's/ Doctorate in Divinity
Reiki Master (1994)
Wei Chi Healing Master Teacher (1996)

Experience and Distinctions

Was made aware of my psychic abilities at age four, started doing professional psychic work at age 16 and between 16-21 worked in the areas of astrology, tarot, past life, ghost clearing, mediumship, medical intutive, herbalism. Did self study at A.R.E in late twenties and for the last 26 years have had full time practice as Spiritual Catalyst. Written over a dozen books, in multiple areas, created over a hundred class/course and trainings. Taught all over US & Europe. Also still work/teach from a spiritual & practical perspective at an MBA level bootcamp for entrepreneurs.

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If you just had the perfect year, no traumas, no problems . . . this class is not for you. In fact, we suggest that you ascend and leave more space for the rest of us! For the rest of you, come along as we work with you to help take your power back, push it forward and create your own New Year. Find out why New Year's Resolutions fail and what will work in having next year be your best year.
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If you knew an ambulance with your families name was barreling down the street headed right for you, would you jump out of the way or stand there, eyes closed, until it hit you? This class, that Dr Kevin has taught at hospitals, holistic centers and now on-line, helps you get out of the way of your familial health traps...and makes you laugh, it is Dr Kevin after all!
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Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
Recorded: Jan 10, 2017 at 04:00 pm EDT
Are these two opposing concepts? Is true spirituality celibacy? Can you be both spiritual and sexual at the same time? This fun, light-hearted class discusses these and many other ideas, which might be blocking you from greater joy and a more effortless spiritual journey.
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