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I was first introduced to yoga from my mother around the age 13. What made the most impression on me was her transformation to a new calmer attitude. When I was stressed as a mother I asked for her yoga books and began on my own, which lead to falling and love with yoga, to becoming a certified teacher in 1996. My training was based on Kripalu (the yoga of Heart) and from this creative, compassionate place I have stayed on the path of self-study and curiosity for decades, which has lead to my own development of unique yoga ...See All


200hr. Yoga Teacher Training from Sheridan College -Ontario 2006
Continued Yoga Education at Kripalu Center in Lenox Mass. and studies with many international yoga teachers.
Reiki level 1 & 2
Shamanism in Brazil

Experience and Distinctions

*- I owned and operated a brick and mortar Yoga Studio called "The Yoga Connection" in Ontario,Canada from 2002 -2006.
*-Along with teaching my unique yoga programs I ran a yoga certificate program for 2yrs and graduated 12 yoga instructors.
*-Taught Yoga for Golf at the Learning Annex in Toronto
*-Faculty Teacher at The Yoga Convention in Toronto -2006
*-Author of Spiritual Golf book that combined Goddess Yoga and Yoga for Golf after teaching them for a decade.
*-Radio Show Host
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A workshop on the Yoga Cosmic Breath to release density and live at a higher vibration. The Cosmos are calling with a Breath of Love, Guidance and Support ..You will connect to the three hearts The Galactic, your own and Mother Earths. 12/12/12 PROVIDES THE POWERFUL ENERGY!! This interactive experience will Open you to be a channel to the Star Nation and help usher in the Magic of the new Era. One Love~ One Heart. Hundreds of people have already joined me in preparing their bodies during the portals dates of 9.9.9 and 11.11.11 with the Cosmic Breath vibrational tool. This breath literally connects your Heart to the Cosmos it is an experience you will feel and know. Life is speeding up and downloads are coming from the Galatic Sun, by being connected to the Heart of the Sun you can get information and guidance for the new world and your world. This portal will still activate the energies of this day even if you listen and join in to the recording at a later date. As we Breathe as One we will be assisting and aiding in the Ascension process of humanity and the planet! We will also go through a powerful grounding exercise to hold this energy, in a safe and easy manner.
Margarit Brigham
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Recorded: Nov 09, 2012 at 04:30 pm EST
FREE INTRODUCTION ~This class focuses on helping you alleviate tension in your body and stress in your mind. It take you on a yoga journey that relates to golf and life so you can practice at your own pace and schedule. Follow the step-by-step guidance of a yoga golf guru to learn the best ways to relieve your “trouble areas” like your stick neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. You’ll also learn how to practice yoga of the mind that will quiet self doubt and empower you to be your most confident self. Margarit will show you from her own experience what actually works to feel great both inside and out!
The Goddess Yoga class theme is in honor of "All Hallows Eve." An experiential way to learn some of the history of Halloween such as; this day is also the Celtic New Year. The theme is birth and rebirth and centers around change with the honoring of the Crone Goddesses Hekate and Cerridween. We not only do yoga but also a circle ritual, dancing, grounding movement and a meditation asking for sources of guidance and inspiration. At this time "the veil between this world and the World of the Ancestors is drawn aside" ...we remember our dearly departed and can ask for assistance and receive their wisdom and guidance more easily. This class became a prayerful experience that can people can watch and/or participate in from Oct 31 - Nov 2 ( All Saints Day & All souls day) These three days are potent ones to use to pray, not only for your departed loved ones, but I guide us all at the end with prayers for victims of "Hurricane Sandy" and the dear souls that just departed very quickly, in the recent disaster. Pagans call Halloween, Samhain (soo han) and the tradition is a time to honor the dead, not as being dead, but as the living spirits of loved ones and as guardians who hold the wisdom of mankind. In their view these 3 days are a celebration, and our loved ones are in the afterlife, not dead, their spirits do not die, but rest and continue to learn and prepare for the next incarnation. In so doing, they are reaffirming death and its place as a part of life in an exhilarating celebration of a holy and magic evening. While in ceremony, you will be lead in a letting go, cutting the cords of past life vows around silence, poverty, self-sacrifice and suffering. This educational class is a deeply moving way to move into your power with your whole body, mind, spirit, and soul...Don't be afraid at how high we can (metaphorically) FLY!!