Robin L. Waters (Casper) is a California Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Reiki Volunteer Program Coordinator for Enloe Medical Center, and author of adult/children's psychological, spiritual fiction/non-fiction. She is immersed in empowering people with Reiki healing energy treatment for self and others, as well as using the power of stories in exploring and identifying emotional expression and spiritual journeys.

She is the owner of Waters N Light Reiki. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she has access to higher realms of healing energy and is on a mission to open this door, to pass ...See All


BA Psychology Chapman University 1992
MA Psychology, Marriage and Family, and Child Emphasis
Chapman University 1995

Reiki One Practitioner Kathy Christian 2012
Reiki Two Practitioner Kathy Christian 2013
Reiki Three/ Reiki Master Kathy Christian 2013
Teacher Training

Experience and Distinctions

Mental Health Intern various California County Mental Health Departments 1995 to 2001

Interactive Parenting Instructor Residential Perinatal Substance Abuse Unit Skyway House 2003 to 2004

Obtained License for California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #LMFT 41820 2005

Mental Health Therapist Butte County Dept. of Behavioral Health
Youth Services, specializing in 0 to 5 First Five Program.
2005 to 2010

Reiki Master Teacher at Robin's Ramble On Reiki, teaching privately at a massage school, a doctor's office, and own business. 2012 to present.

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If you are a Reiki One, Two, or Three Practitioner, I will help you with applying Reiki hand positions, explaining Reiki in clear language to your clients, self-treatment tips, tips for focusing your attention on a client's wellness, easy ways to remember the Japanese symbols, ways to use Reiki in everyday life to bring more light, mentoring, collaborating with others in developing Reiki relationships, referrals for Reiki Master Teachers to further your Reiki Practitioner course, answer any questions you have about Reiki as it applies to you and your life, share resources with you.

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Receive the digital CD download of Harp Solo & Chakra Grounding Meditation with the class fee. Learn and experience meditation to chakra-tuned harp frequencies. Learn it Live Spiritual Expert, Robin Waters (Casper) CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Author-Publisher, Owner of Waters N Light Reiki N Books partners with Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine, Scholar of Sacred Scriptures and Founder of Agape Harp to teach students how to use chakra-tuned harp music to ground, meditate and self-soothe. Class will cover how to use the CD, basic chakra education, music and spiritual therapeutic aspects of the harp, how the harp notes entrain one with the spiritual frequencies of chakra energy centers and the brain, and then offers a live demonstration of the audio journey. After questions, a unique digital download link and code will be given to each student in private chat to receive their audio recording of 13-minute Chakra Grounding Meditation to chakra-tuned harp, followed by almost 40-minutes of Divine Energy Harp Solo also in ancient modes of chakra harp, and a brief original light piece that will bring the student back to the present moment. We look forward to bringing this amazing audio journey to Learn it Live! To hear samples, please click on this link http://www.agapeharp.com/music
Robin L. Waters
Spirituality > Spiritual Development
Recorded: Oct 27, 2015 at 11:00 pm EST
This awe-inspiring Reiki One Education Class provides details of Usui Reiki One. For certification, contact Robin L. Waters, and she will coordinate with a local Reiki Master Teacher. Robin L. Waters, (Casper), a retired Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Owner of Waters N Light Reiki N Books is Co-developer of Enloe Cancer Center's Reiki Volunteer Program and an Author/Publisher. This class and her debut visionary fiction novel, Beaming up Rosie, both take the student on an amazing journey: three awesome sessions of Reiki basic education with, if desired, a referral to a local Reiki Master Teacher who has agreed to a negotiated discount to complete your Reiki One Practitioner certification: further individualized information, attunements to be given the ability to channel Reiki healing energy, practice, and the certificate itself. The online with in-person collaborative Reiki learning experience may be a novel approach, but Robin's team process is solid and she loves to light the way as a trailblazer. Reiki, defined as Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy, whether given to ONESELF or OTHERS, provides a deep relaxation where balance, a sense of well-being, and often emotional and/or physical symptom relief occurs. With an interesting, colorful powerpoint presentation and a warm, compassionate manner, she will share with you her knowledge. You will learn and understand what Reiki is, its history and its application. Referrals will be made to a Reiki Master Teacher who wish to continue this journey toward Reiki One certification, completing the process. CLASS MAY BE TAKEN WITHOUT CERTIFICATION for general in-depth knowledge of Usui Ryoko Reiki and how to apply it once attunement is received. Robin looks forward to passing on her wisdom and to helping you on your spiritual and wellness path!
Attend this free class for the opportunity to experience long distance Reiki, to learn more about what Reiki is, how it heals, and what is involved in becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Robin L Waters (Casper), owner of Waters N Light Reiki N Books is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #LMFT 41820, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher who is an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Membership Association, Co-developer of Enloe Medical/Regional Cancer Center's Reiki Volunteer Program in Chico, Northern California, and an author of adult and children's psychological and spiritual fiction/non-fiction. She is passionate on this mission to introduce Reiki to all those who wish to be empowered with an amazing healing ability that is super easy to learn. Additionally, she will offer ten minutes of a long distance Reiki session free to anyone who registers for the live or recorded Reiki Intro Class. This class is a must for anyone who has always wondered about Reiki, as it provides the opportunity to understand how awe-inspiring, empowering, and healing this energy technique is for the treatment of self and others. It will also give students a preview of what will be offered in the Reiki Basics Class that will follow in November. Robin feels it an honor and a privilege to bring Reiki knowledge and experience to the population at large, both those who may never have heard of it and soul seekers who may discover it to be the ultimate path on their spiritual and healing journey. She looks forward to this introductory class and the more in-depth Reiki classes to follow!
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