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San Antonio, Texas, USA

I work as a bioenergetic wellness coach, trainer and technical consultant deep in the heart of south central Texas. I received a degree in classical Homeopathy from the Texas Institute for Homeopathy in San Antonio, Texas, and subsequently gained certification as a NES Health practitioner. I work remotely with folks in all regions of the country and beyond. I also research, train and lecture on a range of topics relating to bioenergetic wellness.

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In these interactive online meetings for health-oriented professionals, we explore the emerging 21st century view of health and wellness, and the evolving roles of therapists and practitioners as technology and access to information expands. These in-depth discussions focus on a wide range of bioenergetic wellness topics and provide a moderated forum for your explorations. NES Health concepts and scans feature prominently, and generally can be applied to any wellness field.
As the world wakes up to new possibilities, energy workers of all stripes are being called forth to help folks move through these extraordinary times of change. Join our community of wellness practitioners, Mondays at 1:00 pm Central time, as we share our personal and professional observations, thoughts, experiences and questions, and support each other in the work to which we're being called.
We are amazing, adaptive beings! Our bodies are designed to self-regulate, self-correct, regenerate, and function with ease far longer than the typical modern lifespan. Why, then, do we struggle with chronic and debilitating health challenges? In this special moderated forum, we explore what healing is, how it happens, and dive into the wonders of our self-healing capacity from a new, 21st century perspective.