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  • Dr. Andrea Pennington

    Dr. Andrea Pennington

    5-Steps To Total Wellness, Authentic Beauty & Personal Fulfillment

    Ready to get Empowered for Life?! Are you settling for anything less than total vitality? Are you stuck in a rut? What will it take for you to break out of your comfort zone and start living to the fullest?

    Mon Sep 17
    at 9 AM EDT
  • Mike Dow Session

    Dr. Mike Dow

    The Secrets of Inner-Outer Beauty

    In this one-hour class, Dr. Mike Dow will teach you ways to manifest beauty from the inside-out. Serotonin and dopamine, the brain's main "feel-good" chemicals, are released naturally in the brain. They help us to feel optimistic, joyful, and motivated.

    Mon Sept 24
    at 12 PM ET
  • Anja Bolbjerg Class

    Anja Bolbjerg

    Find your unstoppable fitness solution!

    Anja's approach to health and fitness comes from her background with 20 years as a world class athlete. Anja will share with you the formula that she found to stay fit and motivated for a career of 20 years among the best in the world of competitive skiing!

    Mon Oct 8
    at 12 PM ET
  • Marie Fiorin Online Classes

    Marie Fiorin

    Reveal Your Inner Deliciousness and Rock your Style

    Marie Fiorin will be sharing her secret tips, experience and love for fashion to help you develop your own personal style and inspire you to reveal your fabulous self. She will give you the tools to feel pretty, confident and delicious at all times.

    Mon Oct 15
    at 9 AM ET
  • Cheryl Broussard Online Class

    Cheryl Broussard

    Money Miracle Breakthrough: Stop Struggling with Money and Rewrite Your Money Story For Financial Freedom!

    Cheryl, financial expert and best-selling author will be sharing the secrets and strategies to help you stop worrying about your money and MASTER it!

    Mon Oct 22
    at 12 PM ET
  • Christine Arylo Online Class

    Christine Arylo

    Dare to Fall in Love... with yourself

    Christine is an inspirational catalyst for women and girls everywhere, daring, inspiring and guiding them to be, love and live their REAL MEs instead of the images they often find themselves trying to live into. Come learn Christine's tips for self love.

    Mon Oct 29
    at 9 AM ET
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson Online Classes

    Dr. Bradley Nelson

    Break free from emotional barriers to wellness, happiness and beauty!

    Join world renowned Energy Healer and Author Dr. Bradley Nelson as he uncovers and explores the real reasons that we get sick. He'll offer easy-to-use techniques to live a healthy, energy-filled life.

    Mon Nov 5
    at 12 PM ET
  • Toneka Pires Class

    Toneka Pires

    Embracing You - Skin Deep & Sexy from The Inside Out

    Toneka will help you feel sexy by revealing pure beauty from within! She'll give you the tools needed to live a clean healthy lifestyle by eating whole natural foods that help you achieve beauty and pure radiant glowing skin from the inside-out!

    Mon Nov 12
    at 12 PM ET
  • Gayle Olson Online Class

    Gayle Olson

    Radiate Your Exquisite Femininity!

    Enliven your beauty, sensuality & sexuality from the inside-out! For the woman who dares to express her power and live with her heart open, Gayle's session will help you radiate your true exquisite femininity.

    Mon Nov 19
    at 12 PM ET
  • Harry Massey Class

    Harry Massey

    Heal Your Life with Harry Massey

    Harry Massey is a writer, director, entrepreneur, and visionary. He'll teach you to transform yourself and be the change you want to see in the world, hopefully solving some of the world's most pressing problems.

    Mon Nov 26
    at 9 AM ET
  • Sonia Ricotti Class

    Sonia Ricotti

    Create the Extraordinary Life that You Deserve

    The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives what we project into the universe. Come learn to live the life that YOU deserve with some of Sonia's best techniques. Life may never be the same!

    Mon Dec 3
    at 9 AM ET
  • Daniela de Winter Class

    Daniela de Winter

    INSIDE-OUT Beauty - Science into Pleasure

    Earning the reputation as a beauty visionary when she wrote the international bestseller "Eat Yourself Beautiful," Daniele has been recognized as a groundbreaking beauty "guru" for many years.

    Mon Dec 3
    at 12 PM ET