What can you learn from a real life ethical computer hacker and human persuasion expert about how to achieve peak performance and maximize profits?

A lot!

Stephanie Frank is the street--smart voice of personal power, productivity, peak performance and communication for business (and life).

She is an internationally recognized Master NLP coach/practitioner, hypnotist, speaker. author and trained in:

- Positive and Applied Psychology
- Body Language
- Facial Micro-Expressions
- Organizational Systems
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming
and Persuasion.

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Stephanie is trained in Positive and Applied Psychology, NLP, hypnosis and a wide variety of personal enhancement and performance tools. She has been in business for herself for over 27 years, and built 2 multi-million dollar businesses - reaching her first million at the young age of 22.

Experience and Distinctions

Best Selling Author, The Accidental Millionaire
Recipient, Microsoft Entrepreneurial Star Award
Published in Entrepreneur, Sales and Service, Business IQ and hundreds of other publications
Appeared NBC, Fox & Friends, Neil Cavuto and NBC Radio

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Need an expert speaker for your upcoming event? Get Stephanie Frank, The Accidental Millionaire! Stephanie is a powerful, dynamic and informative presenter who will reach out to the audience and reveal the secrets to finding success in today's changing world. Her shocking story of rising from a college dropout to a successful multi million dollar business owner will touch the audience and inspire them to take action in their own lives.

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Successful, happy and wealthy people think differently than most. A successful person will NEVER let a problem slow them down, yet so many today are stuck. Maybe you need to find a new direction for your business or your life. Maybe you are having communication or team challenges. Whatever your business or personal behavioral challenge may be, Stephanie and her team of experts are there to assist you as you build an asset that gives you a lifestyle you want and deserve.

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It is estimated that 40 million small business owners in the U.S. start a business with no formal business education and struggle to keep their business alive - usually failing in the first 5 years. What year are you in? Thanks to Stephanie Frank, small business owners now have an accelerated path to entrepreneurial success. Regardless of your current situation, and in as little as one year, the exclusive business-building methods revealed in The Accidental Millionaire can have you running a business so you can: - Take a vacation without worrying about your business - Do what you love and successfully delegate the rest - Double or triple your business income with half the effort Stephanie Frank has taught thousands of business owners to create personalized success formulas to confidently lead, market, manage and be financially solid in their business - no matter what their current condition - and she can do it for you, too. A street smart entrepreneur, Stephanie developed accelerated systems in 4 key areas of business building to cut through theory and fluff for fast results. You will learn: - How to make the RIGHT decisions every time - Secrets to building a world class business on a shoestring budget - The simple formula for TOTAL FOCUS to effortlessly achieve your goals - How to be productive 100% of the time - The single money mastery technique you MUST know - The four powerful principles of business mastery - How to stop sabotaging your own financial success - Practical techniques to duplicate yourself and double your profits "The ability to create wealth is directly linked with a person's willingness to seek out his or her dream. Stephanie shows you how to master the art of success and live your life out loud!" - Loral Langemeier, THe Millionaire Maker "Want to be a fail lsafe millionaire? Read about and use my friend Stephanie's wisdom" - Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul To live the entrepreneurial life you've always wanted, all you need is a sincere commitment to success, a proven system to make it happen, and good mentors to help you. You'll find it all and more in The Accidental Millionaire. Enjoy!
If you don't have all the clients, money, time and fun you want in your life - something is wrong. What is it? Too busy is a common complaint. No time. Not enough _________ (fill in the blank – money, resources, clients, fun, freedom, passion, etc). Hey I’ve been there many, many times. And I know one thing – if you are NOT having the results you want, it’s because of these things: 1. You don’t have a plan. 2. Your plan isn’t working. 3. You don’ t know what to do next. 4. You are trying to “figure it out” before you get a plan (my personal favorite) 5. You are wasting time and blaming everything (and everybody) ELSE for it. That’s it. It’s simple. When you are not BEING in charge of yourself, your thoughts, your actions and your words, you are not DOING the things that get you results. Period. This webinar will help you take whatever project you are currently working on, and teach you the 4 things you must DO in your life if you truly want results, and I’ve put it here for you to take a look. It’s definately worth your time. These are the same four things I always go back to when life seems a little messy. Enjoy!
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