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Cherry Valley, MA, USA

I have been a teacher ever since I can remember. The teaching I do now is a bit different from the teaching I have done before as I now encourage people to stop thinking and to listen to their hearts! What my academic students would say to that, I am not sure!

I care deeply about people finding what I believe is their true nature and to have access to that wisdom that can guide them through any kind of situation.

The knowledge presented to people is very down to earth and ...See All


B.S. Education Longwood University
M.S. Special Education, College of St. Rose

I have also studied the Cayce Readings extensively and co-authored two books based on the Readings. Further, I have studied with a medicine man since 2005, learning much about the ways of the indigenous people and how to "walk with the earth."

However, I have also learned much from the students I have been teaching, healing and counseling since 2003, as they stretch me in ways I did not think possible!

But most importantly, I raised a ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Created A Place of Light and have been taking care of this space since 2003.

Work featured on A&E Special, Psychic Kids: Their Sixth Sense

Cited by authors, John Holland, Maureen Hancock and Caron B. Goode in their books and also in Indigoes for Dummies

Co-Author of Psychic Children (2005) and Soulful Parenting (2008), both published by ARE Press

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half hour session on parenting an intuitive child   ($15) [+] Show More Info

If you have a child who seems to be talking to no one, tells you things about yourself or others that s/he could not possibly know, has vivid dreams, or other what would be considered unusual activities, then you most likely have an intuitive child. I would be happy to spend some time with you to help you understand what is happening and how to handle it.

half hour Q&A regarding your intuitive abilities   ($15) [+] Show More Info

During this time you can ask any question you may have in regards to any of your intuitive abilities. I will help you not only understand what is happening, but also give you some tools that will help you use it more effectively and with safety.

Learning Intrest
About Susan Gale
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Are you told you are too sensitive, too emotional? Do you have unexplained moods? In this class you are able to gain an understanding of why this happens and what you can do about it. You will also learn two powerful tools to heal hurts from the past as well as participate in a powerful healing meditation. Time for questions is also a part of this session.
Do you go to the movies, restaurant or mall and find your mood shifting or energy draining for no apparent reason? Find out why this is happening and practical ways you can handle it.