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This is the path to God-Realization that the Pleiadian Master Sanat Kumara brought to Earth in order to awaken humanity to its divinity. This path has been guarded and disseminated by Yogis, Shamans and adepts of the Great White Brotherhood for thousands of years. It leads to Kundalini and Chakra activation and culminates in God Realization - the realization that God exists within each one of us as us.
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The Sisterhood of Sophia is a branch of The Seven Rays Order & School. https://www.sevenrayorder.com/ During the live teleseminars Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart will share information about The Seven Rays, Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, as well as information about each of the Rays, and those Goddesses associated with each one. Each session also includes a guided meditation to support you to connect with the Goddess of the particular Ray being focused on. You can register to attend the live seminars, or to receive a recording of them to watch at a later time more convenient for you. For those who would like to become initiated members of The Sisterhood of Sophia, you will need to attend all seminars, or watch the recorded video. Then during the 9th seminar in May 2018 we'll offer that auspicious opportunity. You will then be a representative of Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, on Earth. Questions? Email sevenrayorder@gmail.com Artwork: Sophia by Emily Balivet https://www.etsy.com/listing/242214397/sophia-goddess-of-wisdom-8x10-fine-art
The Seven Rays create and preserve the cosmos. All things are shaped and governed by one or two Rays. In this seminar learn: 1. How the Seven Rays create the universe. 2. How to determine your Ray(s) and the Rays of others. 3. The skills and destiny you inherit with each Ray. 4. The Seven Rays and how they determine Astrology. 5. The minerals and gems each Ray native should wear. 6. The Lords and Ladies (your guides) of each Ray.
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The Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays is the earliest name for the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood. It was formed many thousands of years ago to protect and spread the teachings related to the origin and goal of the universe and the secrets by which each person can evolve to their highest potential and know themselves as pure incarnations of the Infinite Spirit.
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