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Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens too!
Medical hypnosis has been practiced since the 1800s' and is practiced today by many health professionals in the United States and around the world. Until the1960s' hypnosis was thought to be a power or special skill of the hypnotist and then it was discovered that all hypnosis was in fact, self-hypnosis. With training and practice, a person can learn medical self-hypnosis and be their own hypnotist able to perform the many mind-body skills formerly credited to the medical hypnotist. After teaching self-hypnosis for many years I developed The Theta Brain Wave Technique, which is a process of focusing the mind by putting the left hemisphere of the brain asleep while increasing the awareness level of the right hemisphere thus creating an "alert theta brain wave." This state of consciousness is important for accomplishing the many mind-body and self-healing skills that I teach in my courses. Join this class and learn about Medical Hypnosis, Medical Self-Hypnosis and the Theta Brain Wave Technique. Plus many good reasons for learning both.
Recently medical science has introduced drugs that will cause the immune system to do its job...killing cancer cells! I have been teaching mind/body skills that do the same thing without the drugs since 1975. In addition to enhancing the immune system, the deeply focused mind relieves the high levels of physical and mental stress that happens every day after learning of the diagnosis. In this state of consciousness, it's possible to increase white blood cell production as well as attack and kill cancer cells. Will-to live is also very important and will be discussed in this class. Attend this class and find out more information on the mind/body skills necessary to boost or enhance your immune system.
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Psychic Medium Barb Mather (powell) is sought after on a daily basis for her intuitive skills. Renowned for her accuracy, honesty and readiness to tell it like it is, Barb has helped thousands of her clients map out the precise direction of their path to spiritual enlightenment. She has a natural ability to connect with Spirit, with a unique talent for bridging the unconscious world of the seen and unseen that lingers between physical and spiritual realities. Barb crisscrosses North America for readings, seminars and workshops. Her gift for connecting leaves the audience empowered and satisfied and organizers left wanting more. Barb is dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, that we are loved, that there is purpose to our lives, and that there is a reason everyone of us is placed on this earth.
Sherry Burton Ways, an award winning author and Design Psychology Coach, uses her talents to reprogram your energy, transform your space and reset your life. She is a Interior Decorator, Speaker, Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Interior Color Consultant. Sherry’s mission is to use her creative gifts to inspire and educate people and organizations to create peaceful and productive interior environments. Sherry started her practice in 2004 to help her clientele shift energy in their spaces. Sherry believes your living or working environment can push you forward or back. She helps you set up work and living spaces so they can serve as a catalyst in the transformations you want to see in your life. Ways has been quoted in Forbes.com, Essence Magazine, Popsugar and Organic Life Magazine to name a few. She is the author of the award winning, Amazon Best Selling book, Feel Good Spaces: Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit (2012). Sherry provides wellness seminars on decluttering, organization, and Feng Shui to corporations, non-profits and government agencies. Her past corporate clientele includes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Washington, DC; Southern New Hampshire University, Hooksett, NH; and the Washington Post Headquarters, Washington, DC to name a few.
Edward Francis Pio is a resident of Pacific Grove, California, USA. He is the founder and Executive Director of the International Mind Body Institute located in Pacific Grove, California, USA. Mr. Pio is eighty- four years old and is married with three adult sons.
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