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Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens to!
This is Class #3 in a series of Crystal Skull Classes offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers, as both Joshua and Katrina, the crystal skull explorers will be offering a part of this class together. Katrina will be sharing with the participants how she is able to work with, bring to life and activate the crystal skulls. As when a person receives a crystal skull through us, she has a special processs she ollow to wake the skull up and be ready for it new guardian. Joshua will continue to follow up on the last class to go into more details on the advanced theories about the true purpose of the crystal skulls and how they are returning to help humanity create a peaceful world - as he didn't have enough time to into the full details about this in the second class. Finally, our friends on Facebook sent us a serious of questions they had and we will be discussing these questions as well. We believe the crystal skulls are important sacred artifacts that were used by advanced civilizations in the past and are now returning to the public's attention to help humanity create world peace. They contain very powerful healing energies and sacred knowledge that can assist us to make a peaceful world. This is the 3rd class offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers, in a special series of classes not offered in this media before. We do recommend that the series student does review the 1st class (introduction - free) and the 2nd class (the history and purpose, a small fee) but if you understand the crystal skulls, this class will stand on its own. To learn more about the Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua and Katrina, feel free to visit their website at: or if you have any questions feel free to email them at: [email protected]
This class is to introduce ourselves, the Crystal Skull Explorers and to discuss one of the world's greatest mysteries today which is known as the Crystal Skulls. This will be our 1st class of several classes on this subject, but its a chance for us to learn this system as well as people to meet us. What we will cover is a basic definition of what a crystal skull is. And then go into special experiences we have had with various known crystal skulls to illustrate the special energies and consciousness which surrounds these (what is considered to some) a sacred artifact. The crystal skulls as the name implies are skull like objects made out of various gemstones, some are being done by modern carvers and others have been linked to ancient sites and civilizations. If you enjoy this class and want to go into more detail we will begin to offer a series of one hour talks covering different aspects and explaining why the crystal skulls are a key sacred tool that will help humanity see a Golden Age of total peace in our future. The Crystal Skull Explorers are Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head plus their 30+ personal skulls - working together since 2009 based near Seattle. To learn more about us - feel free to visit our website at:
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My name is Joshua Shapiro and along with my divine life partner Katrina Head and our 30+ personal crystal skulls we are known as the crystal skull explorers. We have been working together since 2009. I saw my first crystal skull in 1983 in San Jose, California where I received a message the crystal skulls are returning to help humanity create world peace and since this time this message has not changed. I have been fortunate to travel the world offering public talks, workshops and private sessions with the crystal skulls as well as we have published several books (printed and e-books) dealing with this subject. Also on our new website we have a free e-book and newsletter, a membership service (where you are able to read two new paranormal novels we are working on and meet special paranormal teachers we interview), and also read our on-line story, "The Disclosure Chronicles". We also are a guest host for the radio show Epic Voyagers which we have a special new guest into world mysteries, spirituality and the paranormal about once a month and we lead world peace meditations with the crystal skulls once a month. Both Katrina and Joshua use their spiritual gifts to guide which new projects to focus on, we are open to creating alliances with other individuals and groups and use these gifts to share insights in our private sessions. At the end of 2018, we became involved with CBD Oil which is a natural product from the Hemp Planet that is helping many people all over the world to be in optimal health as this oils supplies cannaboids that our body needs which we do not receive directly from the foods we eat. We are dedicating to help others with perfect health and to be spiritually sound.
Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium and Founder of Inner Light Teaching, offers more than mediumship in her gatherings. She shares the power of understanding the relationship between the Spirit (relationship with God) and Self (personality). As a child, Lynch's sensitivity to thoughts and feelings confused and at times terrified her. Fast forward 30 years of curiosity, faith and healing it is now her passion and purpose - to help others understand intuition, healing, thoughts and the power of love. The death of both parents in a short period of time made her face the depths of loss and the process of healing grief. In the learning and healing process, the understanding of death also became clear. The truth transformed sensitivity into strength. In turn her intuitive gifts and abilities were clearly about helping her but also to help others. Living a life committed to meditation, higher awareness and personal healing her sensitivity to the Spiritual realm became natural and helping others was inevitable. She feels blessed to help others connect to those crossed as well as intuitively guide them to a place of higher understanding in their own journey. She has been practicing meditation and alternative methods to healing and higher awareness for 20 years and knows first hand the importance of balancing a spiritual practice, motherhood and career. She has founded the Inner Light Awareness and Practitioner Program and is passionate about teaching meditation to all ages. She volunteers in her communities to teach and share meditation and wisdom. Beth truly feels life experiences will be our greatest opportunity to learn and our greatest teacher. Embracing all roles in life as a mother, woman and intuitive she feels is a blessing and hopes to help others recognize the privilege of life. The understanding that we are energy, we are One, is important to hold in our minds and hearts for survival in our world today. She embraces all roles as woman, mother, author and teacher, and knows the energy to balance comes from the commitment to the relationship one has with the Divine.
Judi Lynch is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Healing Energy Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Author. Since 2007, Judi has worked with countless clients in the United States and around the World. A featured guest and host on radio, she has presented workshops on psychic development and energy healing. She is also currently working with others individually to heighten their abilities through study of the spiritual consciousness, vibrational energy channeling, ascension awareness and meditation. Judi is the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing and ascension awareness. She is a featured columnist for OM Times Magazine since their beginning in 2009. Receiving names, life themes, colors, future options, health information, conversations and channeled messages from loved ones, she communicates directly with Spirit Guides to assist others in their personal connections for optimum healing. She also facilitates in-person and distant Healing Light Energy Meditation Sessions to help in healing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Spiritual empowerment and connection are the focus of her work. Her book "Friends with Lights" is currently a five star favorite on Amazon and tells the true story of a miraculous awakening and ability. A follow up book entitled Conscious Ascension is also now available online. Judi is currently developing a comprehensive spiritual/metaphysical program for the mind, body & soul.
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