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Do you want to understand what your intuition is and how you can harness its power to achieve and maintain your healthy weight? This class will teach you to look inward for your answers and understand the language of your body.
7 Day Self Mastery Challenge - unlocking ancient wisdom of Tarot as as personal spiritual guidance tool. This Challenge will inspire, ignite & invigorate your intuitive development & well being. The sacred invitation of the Tarot is of Self discovery.Using Tarot as a personal Spiritual Guidance tool is why this practice is different than other classes, The archetypal imagery & deep intuitive guidance through the symbology provides an opening into uncovering the SoulSelf. Every insight, connection and impression made uncovers yet another layer into you eventually revealing Self Mastery. Tarot is the gateway, opening & KEY to you. This challenge will align you with your purpose, attune you to the practice of patience, trust & insight using ancient wisdom for modern living.
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Gay Wolff
Spirituality > Shamanism
Recorded: May 25, 2016 at 05:00 pm EDT
Shamanism is the oldest and most universal form of spirituality practiced by humanity. The shamanic perspective of the world recognizes a multi-dimensional cosmos that is awake with living, conscious energy. Shamanism, in all its varied forms, accesses this conscious living energy for healing and insights. In this introductory workshop, participants will not only get exposed to core concepts of shamanism, but will also learn a technique for developing their own intuitive abilities. Novices and experts welcome. Topics Covered: The Living Cosmos The Three Worlds: Upper World, Middle World, & Lower (Inner) World The Cosmic Web How the Shamanic cosmos is still relevant & How today's science is validating it.
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Laura began seeing spirit in 1976 at the young age of 5. She had many visits from spirits throughout her life at a young age. She struggled through her experiences but eventually learned how to control what she was receiving. Today Laura is a professional medium, podcaster of meditations and self-help recordings and building her own spiritual community; which led to the creation of the Zenith School of Metaphysical studies. Offering 18 classes with 8 different instructors and over 2,000 students.
GAY WOLFF, Ph.D., has been both seeker and teacher throughout her life. She has taught college English and literature classes for several decades, and has led retreats and personal growth events for almost as long. She has studied with Peruvian shamans for nearly a decade, as well, and is a shamanic energy therapy practitioner. Gay especially enjoys helping others develop their own intuitive skills and gain direct wisdom through personal ritual and journey work. She is the author of Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual, to be released in March.
Nina Elliott is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, and helping people bring their physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects into harmony through personal development. Too often we focus on developing one aspect of ourselves and forget that we are multi-dimensional beings in need of overall balance and harmony. Nina has practiced meditation for 14 years and has also studied a variety of personal development tools (such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Child work, Breathwork, Vision Boards, Mandalas, and more). She has appointments & classes available where she uses her hands or skills as the tools to help tune your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual dimensions so you are no longer in discord (or pain!).
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