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The Seven Rays create and preserve the cosmos. All things are shaped and governed by one or two Rays. In this seminar learn: 1. How the Seven Rays create the universe. 2. How to determine your Ray(s) and the Rays of others. 3. The skills and destiny you inherit with each Ray. 4. The Seven Rays and how they determine Astrology. 5. The minerals and gems each Ray native should wear. 6. The Lords and Ladies (your guides) of each Ray.
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Offering Class One again on the 18th June 11am NZ time Timed to align directly with Galactic Centre / Galactic Administration. Those who missed the initial Class One now have an opportunity to advance their understanding of what Lisa Renee calls the 12D Diamond Crystal Lightbody - and her "Quantum Mechanics - Ascension Maths". Also we provide exercises to ignite the initial "Tibetan RainbowBody", developing multi-sensory awareness during OBE. Plus identifying and creating Stargate Portals. OBE work more in class Two.
Raine Grant
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The Rainbow Healers. Com is presenting to the Public our first public free Psychic Readings. So come prepared with your questions. We will have several Shaman Seers available to answer your questions live! See you there!
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Announcing: Fractal U: THE Fractal Field University www.FractalU.com in association with LearnItLive.com/FractalU Sponsored by FractalField.com - Dan Winter - and Implosion Group - - THE place the learn the science and universe sweeping broad practical applications of the new fractal field sciences- like BioActiveField.com We have the world's most compelling teaching team and teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness. Quantum function is always probablistic -(waves always do averaging) but the pure wave mechanics/ equations for how golden ratio fractality/self-similarity among waves specifically optimizes constructive interference - are very precise www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion . This solves the problem of constructive interference and thus solves the problem of compression /decompression - which is THE transformative mechanism - in EVERY field of science - computers. urban design, wave mechanics.. and - getting memory thru death.... actual key to alchemy.. isotope transitions .. fusion... bliss.. compassion.. are ALL about non-destructive compression. Einstein once defined gravity as infinite non-destructive compression.. now we know this is exaclty what phase conjugation by golden ratio IS: the perfect wave fractal and thus the perfected fractal field.
I was called to the shamanic path in 1987, when I was a journalist and an activist, not a "spiritual person." During a time of profound personal suffering, a compassionate spirit had compassion and graced me with the spontaneous healing of my decades-long clinical depression. My life was changed forever.
A natural born shaman, Wendi Morrison CCT was an early initiate of TM (Transcendental Meditation a form of Hinduism) in her childhood home of Hawaii circa 1969. Wendi was writing songs and performing for audiences by the age of 12, along with lead roles in musical theater productions. She also began her earliest experiences with inter-dimensionalism through a traumatic experience at age 4. Her foundation as a Indigo/Lyran Starseed/Yellow Overtone Warrior/Activation Portal/ Gridkeeper was developed through an eclectic study emphasis. With a special attention to propaganda and programming, Wendi has a stellium of Virgo in the 12th house of her birth chart giving her extraordinary abilities to perceive all things hidden, subconscious and inter-dimensional. A targeted mkultra through an mkultra mother, she overrode the programming and has spent over 30 years sharing the insight in her music, poetry and songs.
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