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Naturopathic Physician - BioEnergetic Medicine - Quantium Physics - Spiritual Psychology
Live Oaks Natural Health Center - Clinical Director
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Naturopathic Physician - BioEnergetic Medicine -
Quantium Physics - Spiritual Psychology -

Cymatherapy - Heart Math - AVATAR EAV Technology Certified Instructor- Certified GAPS Practitioner - Homeopathy- Chinese Herbal Medicine - Nutritional Therapy -
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Grayham Forscutt
Ended: Jun 19, 2017 at 08:30 pm EDT
Class One: includes 1: drawing up the Helio Chart 2: Solar DNA - Human Lightbody DNA 3: identifying Galactic Centre and Solar System Stargate 4: post class home study
This class will include more details about the Diamond Lightbody (a number of images and info will be sent out prior to the class), plus how to 'control' and move about within and with this LightBody. We will look at the Earthgrid Portals in more depth and offer techniques to navigate around and thru this grid. We will look very closely at the Sun Stargate and the Point of Avatar StarGate. We will plan our first collective 'Jump' to/thru this portal. Our initial 'jump' will be as our planet aligns the Stargate on the 21st June.
Grayham Forscutt
Ended: May 28, 2017 at 08:30 pm EDT
Explanation and the initial practices of OBE training in preparation for interaction with Star Family. Identifying the initial Stargates, that will be used to launch a Plasma Devachanic Rainbow Body out of the Solar System.
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Announcing: Fractal U: THE Fractal Field University in association with Sponsored by - Dan Winter - and Implosion Group - - THE place the learn the science and universe sweeping broad practical applications of the new fractal field sciences- like We have the world's most compelling teaching team and teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness. Quantum function is always probablistic -(waves always do averaging) but the pure wave mechanics/ equations for how golden ratio fractality/self-similarity among waves specifically optimizes constructive interference - are very precise . This solves the problem of constructive interference and thus solves the problem of compression /decompression - which is THE transformative mechanism - in EVERY field of science - computers. urban design, wave mechanics.. and - getting memory thru death.... actual key to alchemy.. isotope transitions .. fusion... bliss.. compassion.. are ALL about non-destructive compression. Einstein once defined gravity as infinite non-destructive compression.. now we know this is exaclty what phase conjugation by golden ratio IS: the perfect wave fractal and thus the perfected fractal field.
Researcher, OBE explorer, SubPlanck Physicist, Galactic Astrologer, Cosmo-Geneticist.
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