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Howard Koseff M.D.
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jan 17, 2012 at 07:45 pm EST
Breathing is usually a subconscious task. BELLY BREATHING is conscious breathwork and a way to bring balance and peace to your MINDBODY. This class will focus on the Belly Breathing technique and what it can do to help you slow down, relax and become more ALIVE.
Jessica Wilson
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Jan 16, 2012 at 08:15 am EST
Start your week off right with this solar based class that will warm you up and stretch you and kick off your Monday with a great start! General flow will begin with various sun salutes and flow into a standing series. Class will end with floor exercises and a final relaxation that will have you up and running with full energy to begin your week!
What happens in your body when you are under stress? Discover how stress can be both a lifesaver and a life-taker. Learn how to access the power of your HEALER WITHIN. Get to know the foundations of a HEALTHY BALANCE. Join me!
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Jessica Wilson has been practicing yoga for over 11 years since her first class in college. After graduation, she traveled for over 4 years throughout South America and Greece, often teaching and using yoga as a means of balancing her nomadic lifestyle. She recently accomplished a long standing goal of receiving her yoga teaching certification in July 2011 at Wilmington Yoga Center, in North Carolina. Her classes are suitable for all levels, and have a primary focus on basic Hatha and Vinyasa flow.
I am a medical doctor who passionately believes and teaches that when we embody our HOLOS, we become healthier, happy and more alive. MINDING THE BODY; EMBODYING THE MIND!
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