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Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens to!
Barbara Hopperstad
Wellness Talks
Recorded: Nov 16, 2016 at 01:30 pm EST
What do meaning and purpose have to do with well-being? Everything! In this webinar you will learn how to bring more intention and meaning into your day to day life.
This monthly prayer circle is for ALL. Bring your friends! Every month we start with a guided meditation to heal and uplift the energy body, preparing our BODIES for shifts in consciousness and the new energies coming in that may be destabilizing the body or preparing the body for 2018. In the second part of the call, each participant will TYPE their prayers in the chat and the group will receive GOLDEN ORB deeksha (aka a divine energy to enhance your prayers and make them happen naturally). We will enhance each person's prayer requests or manifestations and build your consciousness, enhance your transformation and energy body. Participants can join by phone or via web conference. The ONLY part of the video that is recorded is the beginning meditation. ALL PRAYERS are kept PRIVATE i.e not recorded.
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Kerissa Kuis is the CEO and Founder of the University of Wellness. The University of Wellness was created to provide consumers with cutting-edge wellness education, services, retreats, and certifications. Her programs are offered at various locations throughout the United States and also online. She has created retreats for world renowned resorts in Miami and Los Angeles. In addition, she is a certified holistic health coach, spiritual life coach, and wellness practitioner. Kerissa is also a Spoken Word Artist. Kerissa is an inspirational international speaker who works with clients all over the world in all areas of their lives. She is an expert at leading clients through their most difficult trials using a variety of methods, including Reiki, Meditation, and Emotional Freedom Technique, for which she is a certified practitioner. Through her second Business Invisionuity, she offers business consulting services to a variety of firms and has helped develop many wellness businesses. Most recently, she is implementing a multi-million dollar business plan that she created in Mon County in West Virginia. She is also a Certified International Global Export manager and has helped numerous small businesses implement their products into other countries. Her clients range from world class resorts to grass roots entrepreneurs. Kerissa has studied under best-selling authors, spiritual, and business leaders which have included the following: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Oz, Cheryl Richardson, Louise Hay, and Andrew Weil. She has completed the Spirit Junkie Master Class Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein and will be attending Level Two in February. Kerissa's personal mission in life is to leave a legacy on this Earth by helping others leave theirs.
Mira's journey has been profoundly impacted by meditation. After struggling for many years with physical and emotional health problems, she started taking Naturality courses. Naturality teachings have helped her to re-build her broken self-image and self-esteem from the inside out. She felt a sense of freedom from past traumas and her understanding of her natural self deepened. In 2008 she became a certified Naturality meditation teacher and to this day she has been teaching meditation with Jivasu and other teachers in Hamilton and Toronto. Born in Tehran, Iran in 1972 to deaf and mute parents, Mira mastered sign language and developed an intuitive grasp of the human mind in order to understand and help her parents. She was a gifted student throughout her primary and secondary education. After graduating from high school Mira immigrated to Canada and completed a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education. She started working as a high school science teacher in 2000 and still teaches today. Her spiritual journey began when the war between Iran and Iraq destroyed her home town. War and destruction left deep fear and anxiety in her. These problems were deepened by the strict rules of religion that led to guilt. But these strict traditions also provoked many questions about God and authentic spirituality. From a very young age, Mira was fascinated with Rumi's poems, a sufi (lover of divine) who lived 700 years ago. Rumi's philosophy resonated with her and left a deep love for wisdom in her heart. Immigrating to Canada was not easy. She struggled with a new culture and language which led to depression. She felt rootless which created a deep crisis in her life and affected her health as well as the relationships. She soon reached a crossroads where she was forced to make a decision whether to be drowned by her sufferings or to swim to another shore where a freedom from fear and suffering was possible. It was during this time that she met Jivasu and began exploring the teachings of Naturality. These teachings and meditations provided her with the most authentic path towards living a meaningful life. Living according to her nature has led her to the path of awareness and has moved her towards a more natural self. She has now become less bound by fear and sorrow and enjoys a sense of well-being and peace.
Apply for a complimentary Personal clarity session (cut and paste) Helping female leaders clear past trauma and transform it into mind-body balance and soul purpose, using the gifts of the sacred feminine. Offering programs on two tracks: healing track: clearing past trauma into mind-body balance, sacred feminine spirituality, and soul purpose. Soul Purpose/Work track: Where psychotherapists and other sacred feminine leaders clear out past trauma and self worth blockages, and transform it into ecstatic private practice..."clarity and cash with edge and sass". Apply here for a complimentary personal clarity session to begin.
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