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This class will give you a paint by numbers blueprint my tribe to truly become the best version of yourself, which, in turn, will ensure you can attract not just any man but that quality MODERN Alpha male with whom you want to go the distance. Our intention is to teach you how to go from merely functional just coping and getting by with mediocre dating results to optimal. To become the irresistible, sexy, savvy, confident SUPER ME version of you, so that you can, in fact, have a passionate, sustainable, and meaningful relationship. Marni is going to give you a long-term strategy to take your love life to the next level. This isn't just a once a day once a workshop approach. Really, at the core, this is a blueprint that will work because it doesn't ask you to think your way out of your thoughts. Because, as we all know, if we could think our way out of our thoughts we would have already. Right? Rather, this is a formula that will help you STOP trying harder at what isn't working, and START shifting the beliefs you have that are getting in the way of you getting ALL that you want. Marni will share the specific steps of her blueprint which will enable you to not only create your IRRESISTIBLE super me version of yourself that attracts men effortlessly. but sustain it for the long term so that you can create that powerful relationship and all without feeling like it's a struggle. This attraction blueprint will leave you feeling hopeful.and excited like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. knowing that what you want IS in fact, within your reach because you have a solid WAY to get there.
When it comes to dating and relationships, the beliefs you hold about yourself make all the difference. Sign up to learn how transforming your beliefs will transform your love life! We'll also have a brief, interactive Q&A session following the lesson, so be sure to bring your most pressing dating concerns and questions.
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Roscoe Houston
Personal Development.. > Motivation
Ended: Jul 20, 2013 at 09:10 pm EDT
Most people only discover 10% percent of who they really are. Here at Changers we want to prevent you from living surface lives. Let's go into the DEEP and discover who you truly are.
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-Archetype Consultant and Expressive Arts Facilitator -Author of No Ordinary Woman: Tips for Conscious, Creative, and Healthy Living -Founder of Global Network of Expressive Arts Facilitators -Mama -Abstract Artist -current favorite color is vermillion orange but eggplant purple is a strong second -Taurus
Shakti Durga is a living Guru whose teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health with the aim of creating life transformation. As a Guru, Shakti Durga is a mystical spiritual teacher who teaches liberation and enlightenment from her own direct experience. She is a gifted and engaging teacher with a humble, authentic, candid and often hilarious style. She sparks curiosity, ignites the spirit and inspires you to believe that life transformation is not only possible, but that you have the tools to make it happen. Shakti Durga is the founder of Shanti Mission, a multi-faith �Mission of Peace� based in Australia and now expanding throughout the world. She has created a series of personal development seminars called The Path of Ease and Grace � which teach how to have peace and joy in your relationships; look after your own energy body and multi-dimensional self (body, mind, spirit); let go of traumas and addictions; harness your mind as servant instead of master; become skilled at natural manifesting; and grow more fully into the universal hallmarks of spiritual mastery. There is an old proverb that a day spent with a teacher is worth 300 years on your own. Come experience the wisdom and light of a transformational teacher who can teach not only your mind, but your heart and soul. Shakti Durga is also a beautiful musician and author of several books � including: Ignite Your Spirit, Child of God, Spiritual Mastery and Dimensions of Wealth. The next installment of her compelling series, Empowering Relationships, will be available in late 2012. She regularly hosts retreats in Australia, India, the US and around the world. �One of the Guru�s most important roles is to lift people and open their hearts. One of my greatest aspirations is to help my students grow and outshine me and discover the �Guru� within.� Learn more at ShaktiDurga.com.
As a public speaker and trainer, Mr. Houston experiences includes: working with prison re-entry programs, life Coaching, advocacy training, and community organizing. As a former foster youth, Mr. Houston has a great passion for helping at risk youth to reach their full potential by developing interdependent relationships through education, job training, and community partnerships. His experiences within the foster care system motivates him to equip all youth & young adults with the skills necessary to make positives changes in their lives and community. Roscoe teaches & trains his clients on conflict resolution, Bully Prevention, conquering fears, and perseverance through his program 5 minutes of Boldness. For more information please visit www.changersconsulting.com
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