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Maureen Hancock
Health & Wellness > Other
Recorded: Jan 22, 2013 at 09:00 pm EDT
You are intuitive. We are all born this way. Stress and a busy lifestyle can burn out the intuitive candle. In this class I will show you how to "clear the clutter" to wake up your intuition and use it to live life to the fullest. In this hour I will give you the tools you need to: Become a clear channel to trust your "gut instincts" Meditate simply and easily~ even with very little time available Understand how your body and mind are processing and sensing intuitive info Tune into your inner GPS for self-direction toward the best possible decisions in every part of your life
Gina Gardiner
Health & Wellness
Recorded: May 22, 2012 at 03:00 pm EDT
How confident do you feel in dealing with others? How often do you avoid saying anything because you fear it will turn into unpleasantness and confrontation? Do you hold your tongue and then regret it? Do you have to get really angry before you bite the bullet and then say and do things you wish you hadn’t? Being assertive is very different to being aggressive. Being assertive means taking responsibility for you and holding others accountable for their actions or lack of them. Being assertive enables you to manage situations with confidence. It is a skill which can be learned, this webinar will teach you the principles of being assertive and offer you a range of strategies which have been proven to work. If you’d like to be more assertive at home or at work join me for a session which will help you be more assertive. Just think how your life would be if you felt confident, strong and in control of your own destiny?
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Maureen Hancock is an internationally renowned Spirit Medium, intuitive, teacher, lecturer, Holistic Healer, and author of the bestselling book, “The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.” She is the star of the Style Network documentary, Psychic in Suburbia. Style Network along with ABC Media Productions, and the producers of The Ghost Whisperer (Sander/Moses Productions and Slam Internet Co.) worked together to present this inspirational, “out of this world” special presentation. She has spent the last twelve years demystifying the overwhelming subject matter of death, and helping individuals to tap into and flex their intuitive muscle. A teacher of sorts, Maureen’s work has brought comfort, hope and healing to the masses. She has taught workshops on intuition building to law enforcement, medical professionals, financial experts, and the “Average Joe.” She spends much of her time giving back by assisting those with terminal illness, sitting with newly bereaved parents, aiding law enforcement- including the FBI, and motivational speaking about life after death, stress management, intuition, and perspective building. She resides outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her children and chocolate lab, Ally.
I'm an experienced Leadership Consultant and Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach and author with 30+ years experience in developing leadership potential and empowerment, supporting people at individual or organizational level to develop confidence, leadership and people skills; empowering them to see themselves as the solution. I've also founded Recovering Workaholics. A serious ski accident in 1983, forced me to use a wheelchair. As the Head Teacher (Principle)of a large school I was unable to access most classrooms. I had to look at the bigger picture and develop innovative ways to motivate and engage staff so that they were self reliant, understood how to deliver excellence and take responsibility for their own performance. The approach was successful in maximizing both personal development and leadership potential. It's also why in the 20 years of leading the school, it was acknowledged as one of Ofsted's "Best Schools" twice and included on the HMI honours list as one of England's most successful schools and had a string of quality and kite marks. The approaches have proved just as successful in a wide range of business settings. Books include "Kick Start Your Career", "Manage Your Staff More Effectively" and "Chariots On Fire". www.ginagardinerassociates.co.uk www.recoveringworkaholics.com
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