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The purpose of this conference is simple: to begin the long process of creating a more robust, active, and collaborative early-stage impact investing community by bringing together the players in this emerging sector, and introducing them to some of the very best early-stage impact investment opportunities. We invite you to learn, build trust, and take action to help propel the movement forward.
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Websites are the primary way that most organizations engage with people on the web. Lots of traffic to your homepage is a good thing, but should you expect more from your website? Yes! We’ll talk about creating goals, measuring performance, and using data to develop insights that can enhance your organization’s success. Discount member code: SDNUPUH3
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The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is a leading technology industry association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of the state’s technology industry. TAG provides leadership in driving initiatives in the areas of policy, capital, education and giving, and also brings the technology community together through events, initiative programs and networking opportunities. TAG serves as an umbrella organization for 27 affinity groups, or societies, including Women in Technology (WIT). Additionally, TAG’s charitable arm, the TAG Education Collaborative, is focused on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive. For more information visit the TAG website at www.tagonline.org or TAG’s community website at www.TAGthink.com.
We believe in human potential for good. We believe we need our best people out there creating change, taking risks, inventing, and building teams, if we are to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. We believe the world needs more innovation and more companies focused on people, profit, and planet. We believe one of the best ways to make the world more entrepreneurial is to support visionary entrepreneurs in the world’s poorest communities who run small and growing companies that create social, environmental, and economic value for the world. We believe in bringing people together to bring opportunity – in the form of social, human, and financial support – to the men and women we think are most capable of turning that opportunity into sustained positive impact for the world. When human potential to accomplish great and good things remains unrealized because of lack of opportunity, it’s not just a personal tragedy; it’s a tragedy for all of us. Our war is against all the factors that conspire to curtail human potential. Our business is to help potential for good to assert itself, and to go as far as it is able.
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