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Dr. Pam Denton
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jan 13, 2013 at 09:00 pm EDT
The journey to peace begins in your heart. Join me to find out why your emotions are such an important part of your life and how mindfulness can help you manifest great health and wealth in your life!! Being Mindful of your Emotions, means living a fuller more complete life. In order to achieve personal transformation and life change it is important to know how to identify and engage with your emotions. With mindfulness you can generate fuel for life change. Learn to ride out the waves of change that accompany any transformational journey. In Mindfulness of Your Emotions we will discuss a three part strategy for emotional healing called "riding the emotional wave." With this three step process you all be able to enter you your inner emotional reality and heal your life. And learn to harness the energy of your emotional process with clarity and focus. A journey through your emotions into harmony. Your emotions when activated can be powerful fuel for your transformative fire. You will walk away from this class feeling alive, reconnected and refueled. Most people spend their life trying to suppress of stop emotions. In this class you will discover how emotional awareness can help you produce the life you desire. Emotions can become the fuel you need to ignore transition and change. Join Dr Pam for an amazing journey through emotions into the intelligence of healing.
Find out why now more than ever it is important to open your intuitive flow and accept the power of intuitive processing and development in your life. Join me for this powerful experience of guided meditation to open your intuition and allow the power of higher guidance to influence your life. This is an excellent chance for you to embrace the power of shift as we move towards 12-21-2012 winter solstice.
It's safe to say that we all splurge a bit more during the holidays. Trips to the gym are swapped for holiday parties, coconut water is replaced with egg nog (or hot cocoa!) and those long runs get shortened to make time for shopping and wrapping. Am I right, or am I right? While we all know that we should make time for workouts and healthy eats over the next couple of months, putting that into practice is a bit, well, challenging. There's just so much temptation abound and your time is super limited. To help you get through the rest of 2012 without losing your healthy living mo-jo, we're hosting this free hour-long online class on Learn It Live to help give you tips and a practical plan for this holiday season. Join us!
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If there's one thing FBG Jenn and Kristen believe, it's that "diet" is a four-letter word and that a number on the scale should never determine your self-worth. We are passionate about helping others to embrace a healthy lifestyle as a way to feel good, have fun, and get the energy they need to do the things they want to do in life.
Pam K. Denton is a life change expert and Intuitive/Psychic. Founder and creator of Fast Forward YOUR Life with Intuition, Play Big Coaching and Rise to the Top Training for Women, Pam is a dedicated writer, facilitator and speaker on the topics of female leadership, intuitive transformation and relationship change. She traverses all territory to include every topic that involves being human. Fast Forward Your Life....There is no RIGHT answer... is a powerful insight into human consciousness upgrades and life change. Pam's playful spin and real humor helps you understand that the answers are inside of you. Her delivery is straight to the point and infused with tough love. Fast Forward your Life Change provides a real humor, direct, open and honest review of people, our sabotaging behaviors, and our stubborn stuck attitude to change and the power of spirituality and intuition to promote a faster path to change. Pam highlights in her speaking, although leaning to the side of women, how both men and women can download and receive the answers to our own issues with a sense of empowered living (not entitled) and self deserving (not greed). Through her dynamic and powerful channel of intuition Pam delivers her story of how she navigated life change from a stubborn stuck teen to an amazing mother, wife and leader. Pam's stories of leadership development and intuitive downloads are both uplifting and motivational.
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