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You've had an experience you find hard to explain. Or maybe your friend, sister, or mother has, and you don't know whether to believe them. Is this stuff real? Is it "all in the mind?" Come to this class, get some perspective, and learn how to find out, conclusively, for yourself. Also find out how to deal with those who tell you that you're crazy or wrong. This class should be a requirement for anyone in the healing or intuitive arts, and for their family members and friends too!
Attend a demonstration of distance healing with Reiki. Learn how to recognize the feeling of the energy working to bring your mind and body gently into balance. Reiki Master Teacher Alice Langholt, author of the new book Practical Reiki, and Group Leader with the Distance Healing Network, will demonstrate and send healing to all who attend or view the recording. This enlightening and powerful demonstration will open your awareness.
What's Reiki? What's Practical Reiki? What's the difference between Usui Reiki (the traditional method) and this new method? Why learn Practical Reiki? All these questions and more will be answered in this fast paced and informative class!
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The Reiki Awakening Academy is a school of intuitive development with classes available online and locally in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Courses are designed to assist students in developing their intuition, powers for healing, and supporting them through this fascinating journey. Wherever you are in terms of intuitive development, the Reiki Awakening Academy can help you rise above challenges and meet your personal goals. Classes are offered for novices as well as those experienced in intuitive work of any kind. Come in, browse, and register for the classes that interest you. Look at our Affiliated Instructors section to learn more about the individual teachers who are part of RAA. Each class will list the teacher leading it as part of the class description. For more information on The Reiki Awakening Academy, send an email to [email protected]
I am a medical doctor who passionately believes and teaches that when we embody our HOLOS, we become healthier, happy and more alive. MINDING THE BODY; EMBODYING THE MIND!
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