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This is a time to use the higher energetics of energy healing to help us release stress and fears. Energy practices support and enhance our immune system, which is something we all need right now. Also we know that viruses and bacteria thrive in lower and more stressed out energy. Join Penny for this experiential training and learn to release the lower energies of stress and worry, and open to higher healing energetics for better health and balance. Please share this webinar offering with any friends as you wish. *Learn how life-force energy flows and how to tap into your innate healing ability. *Discover the six sacred practices for profound self-healing and inner peace. *Experience a profoundly healing training and release old programming and stress. *Become more grounded, focused, intuitive, peaceful and aware. *Experience powerful Practices including Meditation, Visualization, Breath work and Chanting techniques to clear away stress and help you become more balanced.
Wanda Davis
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Nov 04, 2020 at 08:00 pm EST
Join Wanda when she leads a Holy Fire III Reiki Experience. Wanda will begin with a general introduction to Reiki. The experience is led like a meditation so come prepared to relax after the introduction.
Heather Says
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Oct 21, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST
This class is your chance to get a BREAK in the middle of the week and learn something new! Maybe it's a silly trick, a new combo, a way to move the hoop that you didn't think of. Join us on Wednesday morning to see what you'll find! Got questions? Never hesitate to holler at me, that's what I'm here for! [email protected]
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Life seemed as if it was always against me, and not for me until I dived into 'The Work of Byron Katie' after spending time as an Energy Healer. What I've found is that diving into my thought patterns and inquiring into them has completely changed my life. I've learned that the stories of life that I created and believed are not true. When my daughter died suddenly, 11 days after her marriage, at the age of 23 my whole life changed. I studied Holistic Counselling and did a lot of my own inner work. I also allowed myself to grieve. I now enjoy working as a Life Coach supporting people to make life changes through questioning their beliefs.
I have worked in the subtle energy field for over 35 years. I offer remote/virtual meditation and art through Learn it Live, my blog, social media and website.
I'm a wellness coach, writer and teacher of holistic approaches to health and wellness. I incorporate East/West traditions such as yoga, qigong and Christian healing and contemplative practices in my work.
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