I was trained at an early age to work with Energy on all levels; for healing body and home, manifesting dreams into reality, and consulting with Divine energy for guidance and assistance. My work is focused on helping others build a bridge of trust and honoring the inner voice to access true wisdom.


The Open Center, NY
Mercy College, NY
William Paterson University, NJ

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Speaker at Gratitude Migration Festival
Practitioner at MINKA Brooklyn
Workshop Facilitator at New Women Space
Published in New Age Journal
Teacher and Intuitive Reader at MoonDance Botanicals in Denver, CO

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In this free introductory class for When Tarot Talks: A Conversation Through the Cards workshop series, I'll share a brief history on the tarot, dispel some myths and get into the structure of the cards. I'll also share how to care for your decks, including cleaning, charging and storage. If you've ever been curious about tarot but was unsure of where to begin or have a deck and feel overwhelmed by the amount of cards and meanings, When Tarot Talks: A conversation through the cards! is designed for you :) About Winter: Winter has been reading tarot for 25 years and have collected various decks over the course of time. This has allowed her to see how decks can vary in design, energetics and how each can deck be used for a specific purpose. Her readings draw upon traditional foundations as well as channeled messages from her team of angelic guides. You can find her at MoonDance Botanicals in Denver, CO on Saturday afternoons, her YouTube Channel (SourceSpirit Guidance) or for private sessions as well via her site (www.sourceandstone.com). This is an introductory & informational class for the series: When Tarot Talks - A Conversation Through The Cards The Tarot series has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. However, I am available for private,1:1 tarot lessons with the same workshop information via Skype. If this sounds like something you might be interested, email me at sourceandstone@gmail.com :)
Performing a cord cutting ceremony is a great way to re-center yourself by sorting the energy out between yourself and the person/place/thing that is causing you distress! In this workshop I'll explain what cord cutting is, how it can be helpful and most importantly the process that takes place. We'll do a meditation to create sacred space to begin and then I'll guide you through the journey of visiting each chakra to reclaim your power and energy. At the end I'll hold space for questions and sharing out :) This workshop will be recorded so you'll have it to use whenever you feel the need!
Learn practical ways in which mindful self care can be done on an energetic level to stabilize and strengthen your energy fields!
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