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Mercedes Warrick, MA

Spiritual Teacher / Channel

Business, Leadership, Lifestyle Advisor.

Energy Rebalancing, Renewal, Relaxation

Meditation and Breath Facilitator

Intuitive Channel

Books, Personal Development, Business Development Processes & Energy Alignments Developed by Mercedes Warrick

Business Energetics, The Soul Inspired Tune Up, Visionscapes, The Energetic Divorce


MA Communications Studies
Integral Qi Gong Certified Teacher
Yogatsu Life Therapist
Ordained Minister
Qi Gong, Yoga certifications
Stage 4 Cancer

Experience and Distinctions

The purpose of devotion, this website as well as The Spiritual of Cancer YouTube channel is to provide spirituality guided insight, inspiration and information to cancer patients, care providers and professionals as part of an integrated approach to self care and renewal. While the language here is primarily upbeat and nurturing, we keep it R.E.A.L. Realized, Energy, Actualized in Life. The lifestyle is spiritual and within this context there is love and growth, compassion and denial, humility and pain, joy and resilience. This is real. A cancer journey is not emotionally neutral. I found that there were opportunities to use ...See All

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Tuesday Feb 23, 2016
An introduction to Mercedes and her Guides. This video gives an explanation of channel.... at least.... channeling through me.
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DAY 29, 36 CHANNELS IN 36 DAYS QUINTESSENTIAL ESSENCE 36 Channels in 36 Days Day 29! I was wondering about Divine Source Energy and how things, particles, light, essence comes together.  These particles of magnificence, this divine essence of Source is always moving, dynamic. How you arranging and rearranging these partials of the Universe, God, Source…. So Creator… we mean you…. how are you arranging the energy today? How are you arranging each to be beautiful in your life today? DAY 29: Malleable this energy is what you design and bring forth. Everything is quintessential essence. It is at the very formation of all things.
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Provided by Mercedes Warrick
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Be Curious! When you attune to the shiny object - an emotion, thought, fear or joy - What is the Divine trying to tell you. Get curious about the things that capture your interest or attention and ask.... Where is the Divine in this?
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Just because you attracted it doesn't mean that you have to accept it! The Law of Attraction is an aspect of the One Law and as such you always have free will. Hmmm you say. What is what has shown up is for my highest good. Could be or, could be not. You have the power to feel and discern what is right for you in each and every moment. Enjoy! You Don't Have to Accept the Cherry Tomato!
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