Hi, my name is Wahido Marata and I am a certified ICF Life Coach committed to helping entrepreneurs go beyond struggles, limiting belief systems, boost their self-confidence, motivation and self-awareness. My goal is to assist entrepreneurs to create a strong mindset that allows them to exponentially increase their social media presence, create a massive action plan, resources and strategies to grow their business, learn how to generate more leads and sales online, learn how to make a bigger impact in the world with their work and increase revenue, learn how to build a solid rock reputation and how to grow ...See All


- LIFE Coach
- Relationship Coach
- Career Transition Coach
- Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coach
- doTERRA Wellness Advocate

+ Author, Tennis coach, Graphic/Web Designer, Relaxation Techniques, Trance Dance Ritual Facilitator, Humaniversity AUM Meditation Leader, Reflexology and Shiatsu Practitioner (ODHA).

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"Perhaps some of you have never heard the word meditation before or have heard it and understand it from a certain perspective or a certain reality. I just want to clarify to you that for me, meditation is very simple. It's not a technique or repeating a certain word over and over again but rather it is a state of mind that happens when you come back to a sense of joy and freedom within yourself." ~ Tony Samara Welcome to this 5+5 Minutes Meditation Challenge! Being in the Present Moment, Focusing on the Breath, on the Body, on the Energy that surrounds you, No Mind Allowed! Being connected to Nature and the Universe Inside and Outside. Take the Challenge and Change Your Life Today! Bring this Space of Awareness of the Present Moment to your Daily Life! Hey, this only takes 10 minutes per day, really! 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning and 5 minutes before you go to bed at night, that's all it takes to start the process! While in meditation simply focus on the body and the breath without focusing on any thoughts or feelings about the future or the past. Simply connecting to what is in the present moment. Thoughts might run through your mind but you are not focused on them, you are simply not attached to them, they simply come and go, like clouds. You are in this present moment, focused on the present moment and free from the limitations of the mind. Really, No mind allowed!! That's all it takes! :D Enjoy the breath and take care :) For further information please visit http://www.tonysamara.com and know all about Tony Samara's amazing work!!
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