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Copenhagen, Denmark
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A woman, who brings depth to beauty. Sofia Wean will share her thoughts, experience and dreams about her current and past life of being a modern Philosopher. In a time when old meets new. She will guide you throw a future life. Sofia is a High Sensitive Person. Born on the 3 February 1972. She is 44 years old. Adopted from Thailand, to Sweden when she was 2 months. Lives today in Copenhagen, Denmark. Have a 22 years old Son, who study laws in Lund, Sweden, Scandinavia.
Believes in Personal Responsibility, Patience and Compassion to Other.
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- Intern PR & Marketing Courses.
- Leadership & Organization.
- Project Management.
- Textile & Mercantile.

Experience and Distinctions

- Felt Death, 7 times in Life.
- Earn her first money, at 10.
- Kicked out from home at 17.
- Lost 2 families before 18.
- Went to 7 schools before 19.
- Backpacked alone in Thailand, at 20.
- Became a Mom, when she was 22.
- Been in relationships 22 years of 44.
- Lived in 28 addresses in SE and DK.
- Lived in Thailand, India and Turkey.
- Visited 19 Countries and 62 Cities.
- 1st time in N.Y, USA, on ...See All

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My commitment is to empower people to heal themselves and their animals in ways that heal the planet. I am profoundly connected to the universe, Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth. Graduated from UGA College of Veterinary medicine 1980 (age 30) after working as a veterinary assistant since age 11. Began 100% homeopathic practice in 1988. Have lectured and taught over 5,000 pet owners and veterinarians since 1986. Author of the Healthy Animal's Journal, Healthy Dog Journal ebook, a tutorial of the Homeopathic Repertory (with Karen Allen), Fleas Be Gone (kindle) and How to have a Stress Free Wedding (with Mort Orman, MD). Currently I am doing Pet Health Coaching along with my speaking/lecturing/free internet advice.
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Very much into the Spiritual side of life.
Bothell WA, USA
Anas Shoqar is a pedagogist and certified English instructor at The Modern Language Center, Amman, where he teaches English to students and employees of different ages and levels. Along with teaching, he acts as an IR (independent representative) of Qnet, one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies worldwide, enriching his experience in Business, particularly in Network Marketing, Direct Selling and E-commerce. He has translated for television channels and written articles for; an online luxury magazine for the Middle East. Moreover, he worked as a commercial correspondent in two trading companies in addition to acting as a facilitator for refugee services at the UNHCR. Among his personal non-academic interests are basketball, accordion, and kickboxing.
I received my Usui Reiki/Teacher attunement in May 2002 and have been practicing personally, and with friends and family ever since. I currently volunteer at a local Animal Rescue, working with cats and fostering for adoption. Animals, currently cats, are my passion!!
York, PA, USA
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