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To brainstorm content, roles, and logistics.
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Modern Nomadic Yogi for +30 years, Global Inspirational Speaker, mentor, mind consciousness scientist, author and Professor at Super Conscious Humanity Academy, Dr. Vie educates you to fortify your brain, body, mind and life through self paced seminars, practical guidance and self assessments. She has live events at the Diabetes, Alzheimers, Heart and Stroke Associations & schools, senior care organizations, hospitals and community centers. Her free Super Conscious Youth Program has helped +35,000 last year. People of all faiths and beliefs benefit from her unbiased guidance. Her current project is focused on developing self sustaining super conscious communities through crowd funding. Get to know her as you benefit from her free weekly transformation live streams and help support world peace. Through her global insightful talks, workshops and online Dr. Vie Academy programs, Dr. Vie guides people to heal themselves and live as fully realized Beings. Her free Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program has helped tens of thousands of disadvantage youngsters.
San Francisco, USA