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Become a Priestess of Sophia! The Sisterhood of Sophia Women's Empowerment Seminar

The 4th Ray / White Ray of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony and some of its Goddesses: Inanna-Ishtar (Mesopotamia), Aphrodite (Greece), Hathor (Egypt), Lakshmi (India); Pachamama (Peru & Bolivia), Diana (Roman)
Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) A Discussion About the Expression of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony in Our Lives & How to Connect with Them 3) Invocation to the 4th Ray Goddesses and 4) a Guided Meditation to Connect with Them.

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To receive the Initiation as a Priestess of Sophia, you will need to have watched the 8 seminars in this series. If you missed the previous seminars, you can catch up by watching the videos of them. To register visit https://www.sevenrayorder.com/the-sisterhood-of-sophia .
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Subsequent monthly sessions will be held during this series of nine seminars. We'll share information about Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, as well as information about each of the Rays, and those Goddesses associated with each one. Each session will also include an exercise to assist with grounding the attributes of the Ray and Goddesses being presented into your life, as well as a guided meditation and a question and answer period.

- Investment for each session is $25.00.

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Serious Spiritual Seeker. BSW in Social Work and Psychology. Worked primarily in Geriatric/Long-term Care Professional Interest in Organizational Effectiveness. 1989 University of Maryland Baltimore County graduate.
Sedona, USA