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About This Class
Shamanism is an art practiced all across the globe, but very few people know what we really do. I will be exposing what kind of medicine we use and the practices we employ. I will be teaching you about Shamanism from the inside out. You will learn about the magic and the rituals that have been lost and is now being reintroduced to the Western World and the World at large.
Additional Information
My practice involves love and compassion for the community at large. My spiritual lineage is the Omas which is based on the concept of Universal Mothers. For example, Gaia, our Mother Earth is an Oma. We are known by other names also in many cultures. We use Love and Compassion as our mission here on Earth. I transit frequencies based on the Earth stratosphere that is needed at this time. And I practice:
Energetic Medicine for the Human Soul
Esoteric Teachings
Ancient Healing and Practices
Transformation on a Soul Level

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I'm a mom of 4, happy wife, and a Light Giver, Author, Writer and Love is my mission! Love, Kindness, and Gratitude are Unconditionally given. Blessings Everyone, Thank you for these Gifts of Light, paths, and adventures, for our every exchange, I am grateful for you.
Iowa, USA
Placentia , USA
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